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The Reason That Stopped Us From Helping Other People

Children like Kesz Valdez, the 13-year-old Filipino awardee of the International Children's Peace Prize really makes me fell very small.  There are many like him doing great things still unnoticed and they are making me feel I have done nothing in my entire life.

In my younger years, most of dreams were all about me and for my family with a few whispers at the back of my head and in the deepest of my heart that I should also do something for other people.  I easily get moved when i see people in need but in most cases i felt like i can't do anything because i thought i needed help too.  But, as i grow older, i learned that the people who has done great things are those people who have the least in life.

It is not expensive to help according to the guardian of Kesz.  I have to agree with him.  It also made me realized that in most cases i think that helping people is always about having money to do it.  It's been a long time that i have stopped praying to have money so that i may be able to help others because i realized why should the money be handed through me when it is best to hand it directly to the people that needed it.  If i have to give monetary help, it should come from my own budgeted need - a sacrificial giving.  This is probably what David meant when he said 'I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing'. 2 Samuel 24:24'  It may be costly to help people but i am pretty sure it is not expensive because helping people is not always about money.

The very reason that stopped many of us from helping other people is the thought that we ourselves needed help.  This is the kind of mindset that imprisoned us including me for the longest time already.  Realizing the situation is just one step and it will not lead me any direction.  Taking one step will not change my position as i am still standing on the same spot and it will only change if i will make another step.

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