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If you’re a Boholano, you would have tasted or at least heard about Dinumugan. It is a type of suman (native rice cake wrapped in banana or palm leaves). What makes dinumugan different is that the main ingredient is ripe banana.

The last time I ate dinumugan was when I was still in high school. That was a long way back, but I can still remember its taste, a little sour because of we usually use an overripe banana, and sweet.

My mother knows how to cook it and I learned from her. I haven’t done it for a while but I think I can still cook it, and probably better now with my improved cooking skills.
Here are the ingredients:
mashed banana (saba variety)
rice flour
coconut meat
coconut milk
banana leaf
I can’t give the measurement right now. We don’t measure it back in the province the way we do now. We just mix them together and we would know it is enough when we see it. If I have a chance, I will cook my dinumugan again.

Here’s how it should be done:
Mix together mashed banana, rice flour, coconut meat, coconut milk and sugar. Wrap in banana leaf. Pile them in a cooking pan and let it boil until cooked.
Happy cooking.


  1. at first, i thought it was just typographical error. kala ko kasi dinuguan.haha. i haven't tasted this yet but i really love peanut kisses from bohol.yummy.

  2. haha! same with google, when you type dinumugan, it would suggest dinuguan. There are many more to love in Bohol other than the famous peanut kisses... you should visit.

  3. Wow! naku san ba makabili ng dinumugan na yan papasyal kami sa bohol dis feb eh jijijiji... Salamat pala at napadaan ka sa blog q.. cge ingats!

  4. I hope you will enjoy bohol... and hope you can find a good tour guide.

    Di ko nakikitang binibenta ang dinumugan.. parang espesyal din kasi ito... parang niluluto lang to kung may selebrasyon. Mahirap kasi itong e prepare noon.

    Imagine mo na lang na e soak mo pa ang rice sa water for hours.. then grind mo pa.... then mashed ka pa ng hinog na saging... matagal talaga.. hehe..


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