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Do You Agree That Women Are Stronger Than Men?

I asked people in yahoo groups why is it that when it comes to lust, men take the lead. Does it mean men are more lustful than women? Some believe that it has to do with fact, for the most part and with few exceptions, men are more stimulated visually whereas women are emotionally stimulated. The objects of lust for men are more obvious than women’s. What turns a man's head so to speak is different from what sets a woman on fire but, the degree of lust could be the same for both sexes.

This also has to do with cultural indoctrination than a matter of character. It seems to be “OK" for a father to be perceived as "lustful". We can accept that as a fact, because he's a man, even overlook it. But, for a mother to be lustful there's something just inherently WRONG with that picture. Women get negative signals from society if they are openly expressive of their passion towards a man. Now, women are gaining more important and visibly powerful roles in our culture, this character are becoming more obvious in women than before. It is now ok for women to drool over sexy men. As more and more dads become stay-at-home dads, and mom is the lead bread winner, this too will soon pass.

Some also believe and say we have to face it, the Bible is misogynistic. Written by, interpreted by, transcribed by MEN (with perhaps only one or two exceptions). Throughout the Old Testament and onto the New, it seems to be acceptable for men to have multiple women partners of one kind or another. However, let a woman stray and find herself in any kind of relationship with more than one man, well, she's dead. Christianity is not the only religion where there is a glaring difference between how men are viewed as opposed to women. So women over the centuries have learned to hide their lust while men have no such motivation.

Women also are sexually stronger than men. This is why men are often seen as the more sexual or lustful of the two sexes. Without social or other pressure to control him, even a good man will often demonstrate his lack of mastery over sex (the lack of understanding of its significance beyond the physical realm, its affects and effects, etc.). You can see the opposite effect when you look at physical strength, women are typically seen as the "weaker" gender as she struggles with things that most men would not.

It is not that women do not have equal sexual feelings and temptations, but she has more "muscle" so to speak, to deal with it than a man does. A 50 pound bag weighs the same for each gender; however, a woman may struggle with it when a man barely thinks about it. In the same way, a woman has more muscle attaching the emotional and mental with the sexual. This gives her more ability to "flex" her muscles when under temptation.

Helen, a yahoogroup subscriber said: “As an attractive, feminine woman I am qualified to reply to this one. Lust is a little different thing for me. A person can notice an attractive person but, that's all a person is supposed to do. Even if you find someone attractive, it is best to keep it to yourself for fear of being taken out of context. It is one thing to notice a handsome man; it is another to take it past the "he's handsome" stage. Paul said whatever things are good, pure, just, and noble; think on these things.”


  1. I believe that women think about sex just as much as men do. (Yes, we are more emotional, as everything is internal, and yes men are external, and their reproductive organs hang outside of their bodies) I get looked at in a lustful way, and approached by women...just as much, if not more, than men. And, by the way, I'm female.

    I think we wome would like to think that we are the rational, moral, vurtuous people they etched us out to be, but that's just a myth, at least it is now. We are all crossing over to other teams, and are more physically and mentally sexed than ever.

  2. Anonymous22 May, 2012

    Hi my name is sarina personally I feel that men are more lustful than women that why most of the rape , molest cases are all committed by men. Also I read in a book the male hormones inside men has a sex needs cell hidden in it, that why men need and want sex so much I mean they prefer to have sex once a day while women is contended to have sex only once a year . Sex is to men as to love is to women :)

  3. Men are naturally drown to have more women like most mammals are to insure reproductive success. We are genetically engineered that way. Women were never ment to have multiple spouse's. Are morals and society have change that and maid it a norm for men to have only one spouse(I don't want more). Your never going to Chang the way men think and act towards women. You can't change what has taken biological evolution billions of years to form. You feminist crap just want an excuse to go slutt around. Men are biologically superior and no one but god can Chang that.if you don't have biological facts Fuck of and support fuck of. Now go do what god mad you for and make me a sandwich( please ignore the insulting words if your not a feminist crap, thank you).


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