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Find Out The Benefits And Rewards of Being A Volunteer

I was fresh out of college when I had the opportunity of being a volunteer that lasted for 8 straight years.  Being a volunteer is a rewarding experience more than that of what i was told.  One can never comprehend what is 'rewarding experience of being a volunteer' unless the person becomes a volunteer.  It also enables the person to gain confidence, expands the person's network by meeting new people and develop new skills.  The benefits of volunteering are many and varied for every person, but can include:
    • An opportunity to have fun outside the community you usually live
    • An opportunity to give something back to your community
    • An opportunity to make a difference in the community or someone's life
    • Learning opportunities – learn through doing
    • Gaining skills or taking part in training
    • Gaining work experience and make contacts within a profession
    • Personal and social development
    • May help increase self-esteem and self-confidence
    • The opportunity to become part of a team
    • Meeting new people from a variety of age groups: it’s a good way to meet new friends
    • Gives you a position within the community – an opportunity to become involved with community activities
    • Gives you a sense of pride; feeling needed and valued

Give Something Back

One of the more obvious reasons why people volunteer is because they find something they are passionate about and want to do something good for others. People who volunteer in their community have a personal attachment to the area and want to make it a better place for themselves and for others. People who have themselves struggled with social issues usually have a certain empathy for those in a similar situation and will often wish to help out. Many people who volunteer think that they are very fortunate to live the way they do and want to give something back to society, as a way of balancing the scales.

View A Culture From The Inside

One of the greatest benefits of volunteering is being able to spend an extended period of time in a new culture or community. It's a truly unique learning experience that will see you interacting with new cultures, trying new food, and meeting new people.  . As a  volunteer you will get a real glimpse of the local culture, allowing you to experience the culture instead of just a spectator or reading the culture from books.

Personal Growth

Volunteers often say that the volunteering experience has made them a better person. In most cases, volunteers also become more concerned and aware of the problems facing the world and  many feel that they were ignorant or narrow minded before.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Many people choose to volunteer simply for the pride that comes from completing something.  Even if this isn't the main motivation for volunteering it is certainly a major bonus!

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  1. Very true. Loved to volunteer before.


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