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Is It Acceptable To Read The Bible In The Toilet?

The Bible has become very much handy these days because of IOS and Android devices.  There is now no reason for anyone not being able to read the Bible anytime and anywhere.

One ordinary morning as I was heading to the comfort room, the thought of reading a certain passage in Bible came to my mind.  I could have just did it for later but a part of me wanted to urgently read it that very moment.  I could not disagree about reading it right away because there is a big possibility that I would forget it later.  I hurriedly took one my Android devices in my room and head back to the comfort room right away because the need to sit down on the toilet seat became more urgent than anything else.

It was not the first time that I brought my Android phone or my IPad mini inside the comfort room.  I brought them for many a different reasons, but reading the Bible wasn’t one of them.  Realizing what I was about to do and the other thing that I wanted to do, I stopped right at the doorstep contemplating.  Is it alright?  A question I could not easily give a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ answer.  It was not a question about sinning.  It was about respect.

I was reminded of story told by a friend about a certain guy who was given a Bible by his lady friend.  Afraid of being ridiculed or ostracized by his family, he read the Bible in the toilet.  Years later, the guy became a Bible teacher and eventually became the president of a reputable Christian university in the Country.

I am not saying that I will become president too.  The situation I was in was entirely different.  I could read the Bible anytime and anywhere in the house.  Why read it in a very unusual place and in a very awkward situation?  But, why not?  The fact that I have prayed many times in the same unusual place and in a very awkward situation, what makes reading the Bible different?

I needed a quick answer.  I could not hold it any longer especially that the solution to relieve myself of that very uncomfortable feeling is only two steps away in front of me.  When in doubt, say ‘no’.

I didn’t bring the phone inside the toilet.  Fortunately, because the question still lingered in my mind when I got out of the toilet, the thought of reading that certain passage in the Bible didn’t get away.  Unfortunately, the question still lingers. 

Is it ethical or acceptable to read the Bible in the toilet?

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