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The Winning Situation

I passed by a lotto outlet inside the mall yesterday and saw the longest line I have ever seen. The jackpot prize of 340 million pesos drew more people than usual. People who don’t normally bet probably fell in line. I was even tempted to join but the urge subsided when I remembered that I have no luck when it comes to raffles and games of chance.

The last and only time I won a raffle was many years back. I could not even remember what year that was. I am not even sure if I was really the lucky one.

After our breakup, my girlfriend of six years left to work in other place for the very obvious reason. Despite of what had happened, we continued to communicate.

A couple of years had passed. She took a leave from work and came back to visit her family. She called me up and asked to accompany her to buy a cellphone. We heard of a cellphone exhibit in a mall and went to buy one. The exhibit came with a raffle.

I didn’t want to fill-in the raffle coupon but she forced me. I filled-in the coupon with a condition, she would keep the stub.

After a week, my ex-girlfriend left and went back to work.

Three months after I received a registered mail. I won a raffle. I could not remember I joined one so I threw it in the trash bin.

The following day, the utility man gave me back the mail. He thought that I accidentally threw it. I read again the mail giving attention to details. It mentioned about a cellphone exhibit. I remembered.

I called my ex-girlfriend. I told her that we won a trip for two to Hong Kong. I asked her if she still had the raffle stub. She told me that she already changed her wallet but also told me that she kept the old one somewhere and she would find it.

After a day, she called and told me that she found the raffle stub. She sent it to me.

The thought of us spending 3 days and 2 nights in Hong Kong was kind of weird. We converted the prize to cash. I wanted to send the entire winning prize to her. After all, it’s her ticket. She was the one who bought the phone. I only had my name on the raffle.

She refused. She told me that she would not accept the money if sent in full.

I sent her half and I kept the other half.


  1. aba! may swerte ka naman pala sa mga raffle e ;)

  2. it's nice when one can still be friends with the ex. Yung sa'kin, away eh..haha and he was the one who broke up.

  3. I meant, ayaw, not away.. hehe

  4. @Roy, di nga ako sigurado kung ako ba ang swerte kasi yon lang ang first and the last time i won.. exgf ko pa ang kasama.

    @Thess, don't burn bridges daw eh... hahaha.. di mo kasi alam kung anong mangyayari in the future.. hahaha.. best friends kasi kami dati.. and we ended up best friends pa rin... akalain mo ba ako pa ang naging adviser sa mga kasunod niyang boyfriends.. hahahaha!!

  5. you could have sent me the other half. hehe. first time i won a raffle draw was when I was 12. The second time I won was just early this year. I figured i'll win again when I'm 50. sana may lotto pa. chos!

  6. nice post u have hahaha

    malas ako sa rapol. malas sa lahat.

  7. hoy elyong!ang arte mo you should have keep the money!haha or sana pinadala mo nalang sakin!

    oh bakit ayw mo mag spend kayo ng time alone sa hongkong why not hehe malay mo maging straight ka na LOL

  8. @Jericho, too late... I already spent the other half, you came in late.. hahahaha!! I'll wait when you're 50 and win the jackpot prize sa lotto... balato ha?

    @Abu, same here, same here... hhehe

    @Mac, straight naman ako ahh.. ikaw ha, iniintriga mo naman ako.. hahahaha!!!

  9. swerte ka, di mo lang alam.

    btw, if moari ka dri, ingna lang ko ha.

  10. galing nito!

    you should find more gf kahit na awkward pa kasi sila ang nagdadala ng swerte. who knows, mananalo kayo ng 360 million. from there you can do sex transplant, hahaha... kidding!


  11. Pa-comment ha.

    I had this experience once.. kung alam ko lang na convertible sa cash, sana ki-nash na lang namin.. oops..

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  13. well atleast nasubukan mo na manalo.. ako never pa.. =]

  14. dalawa raw nanalo... sensya na late sa comment hehhehe! ang cute ng page mo!

  15. i just don't know if you were lucky or just blessed. but more, you are blessed to win the raffle. lol yeah. its not just weird but a 3 day and 2 night struggle. i think the experience is funny.

  16. WOW! hehehe this is a quite a story. You're lucky after all. ako nga kahit isang beses hindi pa nanalo sa kahit anong raffle.

    Update lang,nakit ko kahapon nag-claim na raw iyong isa sa dalawang nanalo ng jackpot.

  17. your GF must be your lucky charm then!yeah,ive heard about the lotto prize and wow oh so wow!maybe you should buy some tickets and let your gf handle them again this time?who knows,right? :D

    i like the graphic art again btw :)

  18. @Ming Meows, dili ako ang suwerte siya.. yup i will inform you.

    @MrCens, hmmp! hehehe

    @^_edSie_^, you should have asked the company who ran the promo.. :) thanks for dropping...

  19. @Shei, oo nga pero di ako sure kung ako ba ang suwerte or ang gf ko.. hehehe

    @mb, oo nga.. at di ako yong isa.. hahahaha

    @Macky, yup... a bit awkward.. hehehe

    @Marlon, mananalo ka rin.. hanap ka ng gf.. hahaha

    @Ghee, oo nga.. siya ang suwerte.. hehehe

  20. galing naman ng tandem nyo ng GF mo. sa kanya yung raffle, sayo naman yung name. =) tama lang na half the prize kayo. hehehe

  21. @Jimbo, oo nga ano... sayang.. wala na siya..

  22. wahaha, tumaya din ako sa lotto nung same day. haha.

    half is fair. :P

    Bakit never ako nanalo sa kahit anong raffle?! malas.

  23. @yoshke, baka ikaw yong isa sa nanalo ha at ayaw mo lang sabihin... hhehehe

  24. wow swerte kapa rin lol, ako talagang malas I never won any rapol draw hehe so the last time i remember, my last xmas party sa previous company ko before ako makapagtrabaho sa labas, alam nung mga kasama ko na malas ako sa mga ganyan kaya sinadya nila na makabunot ako kahit na anu lang, since wala naman talaga akong nabunot kunyari sinabi nila na my rice cooker daw na price yung stub ko so haping hapi ako biro mo for da first time in my life nakatama ako ng rice cooker.... ang siste pagbukas ko ng rice cooker walang kurdon....


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