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Are You Getting Older?

In one of my trips, I had the opportunity to socialize with the local folks. We went to some interesting places in town. One of my companions said after seeing a group of ladies we passed by, that women today are getting more beautiful than before. My other companion replied that it is just a sign that a person is getting older.

He said, when we get older our definition of what is beautiful widens. Young women could mean beautiful women.

When we’re younger we have a stricter definition of what is beautiful and what is our ideal person. But when we get older, that definition loosens. How we define beautiful goes beyond what is visible. It goes deeper.

However, our definition of what is beautiful may also get affected by our recent exposure to people. A famous comedian said that what is beautiful depends on who’s beside the person.

When we see someone on the street and finds him/her attractive, most likely it is physical. It has nothing to do with our definition of beauty in its fullness. It must be purely physical.

So, when you see many attractive people around, you may be getting older, better check your birth certificate.


  1. i disagree. mababa kasi ang standards ko.

  2. hahaha... oo nga, pero kung mas lalong dumadami, ang goodlooking... then that's it.

  3. hahaha i think you are joking. i think we are the only ones who know who we really are. if we think that we are attractive, then we are. if we bless ourselves, then we are likely inherited to receive blessings. lol. if we curse ourselves that we are not pretty considering our age, then we are not pretty. being beautiful also means being happy, for me. hehehe that is all. by the way, salamat kaayo sa pagbisita sa aho blog. yup. i think i overused the word trying hard christian because like my friend said, the battle is in the Lord. what we only do is accept Him and completely used by Him. nyahahaha but i am really trying hard to please God in whatever I do inspite the imperfections I got. anyway, your blog is superway cool. God bless all Christian bloggers.

  4. hmmm how will i define beauty nga ba?
    well i think kasi it depends upon the beholder
    iba ibang type at taste ika nga nila
    in my case i never give more prior to physical appearance pero syempre thats a one of the factor and ideal girl i want
    have agreat day elyong

  5. I saw a guy wearing this shirt with words in print "Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder" :) Seriously, I do agree that as we grow older, our definition of beautiful goes beyond the physical aspect. Thanks for dropping by to my site.

  6. sabi nila 'maturity makes a person beautiful/handsome.'

    sabi ko naman 'i think i'm really mature.'haha

  7. our definition of beautiful varies.

    it is a matter of how we look or hear into someone.

    cheers to ageing gracefully....hehehe

  8. hmmm... siguro nga

    parang ang dami ko nang nakikitang magaganda ngayon...

    di kaya, mas marami lang marunong mag-ayos ngayon?

  9. @Macky, yup, in the eyes of God we are all attractive.. :)

    @Blue, sino nga ba ang nag define ng beauty? hehehe

    @Meretrisha, thank you for the visit.. :)

    @Flamindevil, with the way you look.. i believe so.. that you are very very and overly mature.. hahaha

    @Geek, i wish i will age gracefully.. hahaha

    @Roy, napapansin mo rin ba? hahaha.. tama ka rin... sabi ng isang kasama ko sa work, kasalanan daw ang maging pangit ngayon kasi marami ng paraan.. hehehe

  10. hahaha..siguro nga tama yong nasa last paragraph mo.

    ganun daw talaga, habang tumatanda, bumababa ang standard. hehe

  11. hahaha e parang di yata effective sakin yan kasi twing nasa atin akot lumalabas kaming magkapatid parang wala nako kakong masyadong nakikitang magaganda gaya ng dati hahahaha sabi ko parang mag marami pa kakong magaganda nung kapanahunan namin hahahahaha kidding.


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