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The Agony Of Waiting

As I patiently waited for my flight in the departure lounge at the airport, the most anticipated paging system brought the noisy lounge to a standstill. My flight was delayed. The delayed arrival of the turn around flight caused it.

I am not a late person. I am not saying I was never late, but I would say that late incidents were rare.

Being late is a selfish attitude. I have told this many times to my friends and to the participants of the trainings I have conducted. Being late is being inconsiderate to people who arrived on or before the agreed time. Household chores and normal occurrence of events like traffic are not valid reasons to be late.

I don’t expect people to be late too. I expect them to come on or earlier than the agreed time. When my friends come late, I would be clueless of what to do. Most of the time, I leave.

I read an article that in Great Britain; important persons arrive earlier during official functions, but would arrive late in social functions. “Grand entrance” is only expected in social functions, not in official functions.

Here in the Philippines, we have our own brand of time – the Filipino Time. I hope to see the day when its definition changes.


  1. mahirap yang gusto mo. pilipino will always be.

  2. Filipinos will change.. hehehe, they will, they will...

  3. hay ang hirap nga nun although there's a big chance for us to change hehe
    have a great day elyong

  4. i hate waiting

    btw, i just read your comment in my blog
    how come i don't see my link here?

    i have added your blog already


    happy weekend!

  5. I agree with you that tardiness is not a good practice and its unproductive when it comes to work. And I hate to hear the Pilipino Time mentality. But we should also put into our hearts the virtue of patience, the art of waiting, and forgiveness. There are thousand things that occurs every minute beyond our control, let us keep an allowance for everything, for God is always full of surprises.

  6. @Blue, thanks for being positive.. i like that!!

    @Raft3r, i hate it too... very much..., you can find your link under.. heheh

    @The Pope, i agree patience is a virtue, i would say i am a very patient man but not with the late people... my patience would make them worse...

  7. Hey elyong, thanks for the greetings! The reason on commenting problem is due to haloscan. Anyway, yeah it's so dreadful to experience a flight delay. My worse so far (and I hope this will be the last time) was my flight delayed for 6 hours and I arrived on an airport at freaking 2am with nobody to fetch me! jijijijiji... Hope yours isn't that bad...jijijiji

  8. @xprosaic, i had worst days... i had been detoured to manila 3 times and had to wait in manila for hours and sometimes overnight.. grrrr....

  9. nako hindi ka nagiisa. nahihirapan din akong yakapin ang ancient na sistema ng roas ng pinas. hay nako ewan ko ba. sana nga lang din time will come that we will be on time. LOL. kelan kaya.

  10. @Prinsesamusang, let's just hope for the best..

  11. nakakalito ang mundo..

    kasi ayaw na ayaw ko ung pinaghihintay ako..

    pero kapag atat naman ang naghihintay sa akin..
    nakakaloka naman..

    adik ang mga tao..


  12. Hi vanvan, nalilito ka na ba? hehehe... bakit ka naman naka anonymous.. hehehe

  13. ako yong tipo ng tao na ayaw naghihintay kaya ayaw ko rin ng hinihintay ako.

    sana nga, ang pilipino time ay maging on time!

  14. Naku po! hahahahahahaha di nga?! naku kahit papaano pala mas ok na lang yung nangyari sa akin kaysa sa iyo... magkape ka na lang para mawala inis mo...jijijijijiji... nakita na pla kita sa follower ko saka ok na rin sa comment section ko.. salamat pala sa paginform sa problem sa blog ko... jijijijijij

  15. hindi ako makalog-in kanina eh..

    aheks..tas pinipilt ko tlagang makapagcomment dito..

  16. Elyong, Pinoys everywhere are in the hot seat for their notorious “Filipino time.” But come to think of it, the basis of Philippine time is the rubidium-based atomic clock which has an accuracy of one-billionth of a second, and would not deviate by a second in the next 32 years. The time is accurate but the ring of “Punctuality and Civility” is always not there. To be punctual is being civil to the people and colleagues that we deal with. It may be hard to imagine but I still believe the Filipino can still be punctual!

  17. Tama ka that being late is a selfish attitude. Actually being late is universal but the sad thing it's a general Filipino trait na nakakahiya.

  18. @Xprosaic, yup, i had been detoured by PAL twice and CEBU PACIFIC once.

    @Vanvan, thank you.. hehehe

    @Aquaforce, i believe so too... i just hope it won't be long.. :)

    @Ron, we have to change.. :)

  19. i despise waiting!most of the times,i come early. yun lang.

  20. @flamindevil, me too... many times have i left my friends when they were late on our appointments... kaya ngayon natututo na sila.. pag ako ang ka meet nila.. they would come early.. discipline lang talaga.. namimihasa eh! hahaha...

  21. It was my bad habit back then, but since i joined and worked with the Germans (for 15yrs now) I learned kung pano pahalagahan ang oras ng ibang tao.
    kaya lang ako madalas mainis ngayon lalo pag nandyan ako satin palagi akong naghihintay sa mga friends ko hangang mapanis nako hahaha


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