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When I visited a gay friend, I was amused that his uncle is also gay. His uncle was more effeminate than him.

During that time, my friend was whining over his break-up with another gay man who happens to be from the province I came from.

His uncle was a bit annoyed of him whining over another gay man. According to him, a gay man should not expect much from a gay to gay relationship. One should be ready when time comes that his gay partner would find another man or worst another gay man (until now I don’t understand why another gay man was worst).

According to his uncle, he never had a relationship with another gay man. All of his relationships involved straight men. Loosing his man for a woman is less painful than loosing a partner to another man or gay man.

Man to man is most likely the most fragile relationship among genders. A gay man is still a man. According to studies, a man is a visual person, easily gets stimulated by what he sees.

I supposed woman to woman relationship is stronger than relationship that involves men. Most, if not all, lesbian relationships that I know lasted longer than man to man.

Relationships that involve men (man-woman, man-man) should go beyond physical attraction. That is the only way, I guess, you can keep the man in your life.


  1. that is why i am certified single since birth. my longest relationship with opposite sex was only 6 months and the experience was a hell. it needs me super mega extra effort to please her on all aspects. napasubo kasi kapag di ko sya pinatulan, mabubuko ako, hahahah!

    i was with couple of gays (older than me and with money, hahahah!)before whom i met regularly but never consider that we are into relationship.

    this time, KARMA. Im getting older, and i dont know if i can find a regular fuck buddy, hahaha!

  2. @MrCens, You're too young to think you're old... and I am glad you're opening up.. hahaha!!

  3. good to know that you are a broad-minded person.it's their choice and we have to respect them.

  4. @flamindevil, we can only be a friend to someone, we are not masters of other people. It's their life to live.

    How was your valentines day? hahaha!!

  5. "don't expect much"

    korek ka dyan. i think we should love unconditionally, and expect nothing in return. yung walang bahid ng pagsisisi

  6. @Ming Meows, when you love someone, you don't need to be reciprocated... but it would be wonderful when it is. But, when someone told you that he/she loves you back, then it should be shown by him/her and it should be felt by you... hehehe, when it is not, that is the time you start to question love.. :) So don't promise love because love is not a promise.. naks..


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