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Valentines Day: Nothing Has Change

Valentines Day, what is in it for me? I don’t feel anything about this day. Just the same as last year, I don’t know anything to write about this day. Because nothing has change, i thought of posting the same poster i had last year. Also, the same as last year, I’ll just greet you all a Happy Valentines Day.

So, which heart you are today?


  1. ako letter B hehe.hmm ako last year my bf naman ako pero we didint go out on the 14th cguro nung 15th na para di kasabay ng mga tao,pero wala lang we just did out like any other day

  2. wawa naman yung 3 puso..sad. :c

    no comment.

  3. @Mac Callister, mabut at super healthy ang heart mo ngayong...

    @Flamindevil, parang alam ko na kung anong puso ang bagay sayo.. :)

  4. i'm all of the above! waaaa!!!! *hikbi*

  5. @Reyna elena, lima pala puso mo... hahaha!

  6. sir, wala bang pusong bato? lately, i tried to isolate myself from others, i just stay in my room most of the time... i am contended to read blogs especially yours. di ako dating ganito but i think it gives me more advantages.

    jonathan's gf is a slut. ex sya ng roomate ko, ex sya ng colleague ko sa department, pinaasa nya si nino, at si jonathan, he is living next to our room. i welcomed her on my bed couple of nights noong nag-uumpisa pa lang sila. and now, hahaiizzz... wag mo nang alamin, baka mademanda lang ako kapag nabasa nya to.

    sir, thank you. you are pushing me more to write kahit nadidisappoint ako minsan sa mga sinusulat ko. minsan kasi kapag binasa mo ulit after sometime, doon mo makikita na ang dami palang mali, hehehe....

    may kakilala ka bang henry tacio?


  7. MrCerns, I was looking for that too... i knew i had it in my files but i can't find it anymore along with a heart that looks like it just came from the war, so many wounds, bandages and stitches... hehehe.. kidding about that.. but it's true i had those images of hearts...

    Don't be disappointed about your writing... we are on the same boat. Just think of it, it's your blog, you can write however you want it. We commit mistakes, who doesn't. We keep on learning. I also laugh at my grammar and sentence construction mistakes, a lot of times.

    You can edit your post anytime if you want.

    I don't know Henry Tacio, but i heard about him. He's a journalist. I read his columns in our local newspaper many years back. Do you know him?

  8. henry tacio is the only filipino contributor of reader's digest asia. he's a friend.

  9. i want B. plain and simple

  10. @MrCens, magpaturo na lang tayo sa kanya... hahaha as if we can afford.

    @Ming Meows, you can't have that kind of heart for long... hehehe..

  11. sir yong, magpaturo saan? sa kama? biro lang... tama na to, maliit ang mundo baka mabasa nya. peace bro!

  12. @MrCens, pilyo ka rin... hahaha


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