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Crime Against Men

I have an American friend who was put to jail for one night when he didn’t allow his daughter to attend a party. Her daughter hit herself inside her room, called 911, and told the police that her father hit her showing them her bruises.

When a crime is committed to a child, we call it child abuse or crime against children. We made laws protecting the rights of a child. We also have civil society groups protecting the rights and welfare of the child.

A college instructor was put to jail for allegedly raping his girlfriend. The other side story was the college instructor was caught by his girlfriend having another girl. The two girlfriends conspired, one was the rape victim, and the other testified the incident.

When a crime is committed to a woman, we call it crime against women. We also made laws protecting the rights of women. We have quite a number of civic groups fighting for the rights and welfare of women.

When a crime is committed to a gay person, we call it gay crimes, homosexual crimes or crime against third sex. Although not all gay victims are crime against homosexuality, we have civic groups fighting for the rights of the homosexuals.

But when a crime is committed against men, we just call it a crime. No specific names, no specific laws and no civic groups that I know of who fights for the rights of men. That is why REAL MEN are in the verge of extinction.


  1. This a sad reality for us men :(

  2. hi elyong, just posted the church i mentioned

  3. sad but true in this gay in-denial philippines

  4. sir yong, what inspired you to do this post? is it your love for men or for your love of yourself? hahaha!!!

    dont give me the 2nd option, wrong answer yun, hahahah!!!

  5. @Dodong, don't be sad, it's not the end of the world yet... maybe in a few years, there will be specific laws for men.. hahaha

    @Ming Meows, yeah, that's the tag line, my friend coined that... but i know he doesn't mind that because they belong to the same community of churches.

    @MrCens, you're gonna pay for this when you get home..hahaha!! you gave me choices but i have no options... grrrr..

  6. yeah you're right.

    bakit nga walang human rights for men?just plain human rights?

    is it because men are born 'superior?' but we're no superheroes naman ah.pwede rin tayong maabuso.

  7. nice post!

    bakit nga ba ano? walang groups advocating the rights of fathers, bachelors, or men in general?!

    hmmm... sino na nga ang sinasabi nilang may double-standard?

  8. the law has had a historical tendency to privilege the position of men and ignore the vulnerable position of children (especially) and institutionalized the vulnerability of women. i think constituting the problem as one regarding "real men" is epiphenomenal to the real issue which is -- why does the law privilege or subordinate an individual person based upon possible group membership without further inquiry.


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