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One morning inside the Mayor’s office in one of the towns I was assigned to work, I was comfortably seated in one corner. The municipal councilor was busy discussing about something with the employees when a group of students went inside bringing a white envelope. It was a solicitation letter.

The councilor opened the letter and read it loudly. Everybody in the room including me listened intently to him. Suddenly, he mumbled when he stumbled upon the word “philanthropic”. He asked the students what it meant. The students just look at each other. They weren’t able to give the councilor an answer. The councilor threw the question to the employees, but it landed on deaf ears. The employees pretended to be busy with their work. Those who weren’t able get something to get busy with just smiled.

Sometimes we are fond of using difficult-good-sounding words without making an effort to know its meaning. We may be able to use them correctly but doesn’t know what they really meant.

The basic rule in technical writing especially in correspondence is to use simple words because its purpose is to communicate. We will defeat its purpose if the receiver does not understand its message.


  1. Yup... I agree!
    What is the sense of communicating if... its not being understood!
    good day!

  2. siguro naman tinulungan mo sila

  3. what i mean is yung meaning ng word hindi pera

  4. oh my i myself dont know what that word mean hehe im so ashamed to my self....i promise i will tell my son(to be) to study more on english words and their meaning as well hehe
    hello elyong just dropping by to greet you a happy valentines day

  5. naks!

    eh, what is the meaning of elyong? i keep on encountering this word everyday, 3-4 times a day but dont really know the meaning. energizer (battery) ba to? kasi after reading it, it keeps me going and going and going...

  6. @Carmel, bullseye! thanks for visiting.

    @Ming Meows, had no choice, i was the only one left standing.. hahaha!!

    @bluedreamer, don't be ashamed nobody's a dictionary, hehehe, thank you for the visit.

    @MrCerns, i will tell you over a cup of coffee... hahaha

  7. Makapahimuot man sab ning estoryaha :)

  8. Nice post... They are the so-called wannabes

  9. i've been lambasted by one so called big time blogger in manila (na zero ang visitors) that i rape the english language. well, i also know another reyna hater who love to use high-flying english words, he probably don't understand a breath of what he's writing.

    alam mo, minsan kasi akala kasi nang mga lecheng reyna haters, madadala ang mga readers sa sindak by using bloody terms na only intellectual kuno can understand.

    i could enumerate these bloggers. ganito na lang. yoong tumitira ki reyna typically are the ones guilty. go ka lang sa blog nila at mawiwindang ka.

    meanwhile, kiver kung nirerape ko english language. my readers understood me and that's what it counts

  10. @Dodong, kung naa pa lang jud ka didto..

    @Ilovesade, hahaha... wannabes..

    @Reyna Elena, I know of people like them in person, if they're not understood, it's their loss, not ours.

    They just keep talking for the whole day and nobody understood... it's a waste.

    We live to communicate not to confuse.

  11. saya naman..hehe pero sa totoo lang, yong iba ginagawa yun para kunwari magaling sila.

  12. Phil-ant-hro-pic: pityur ni phil na pilipino na nakagat ng langgam na HRO (lalakeng version ng GRO, human resource person).

    Ang corny ko. Salamat sa pagbisita sa aking kubeta. bisita bisita ka. Medyo emo mode lang yan sa pebrero, pero pag lumaon, dadating din ang tamang topak. hehe.


  13. @Eli, korek... wala ring silbi kasi kunwari lang.. haha

    @Toilet Thoughts, HRO pala ang kung lalaki? Hindi ko alam yon..hehehe

  14. nice point.

    imho, the best rule in writing would still be 'less words,less mistakes.'


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