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Relationships With Boys

Barbershops and beauty parlors are good sources of street gossips and over the top stories about the people in the community, including the people working in these establishments.

Among the many places I was assigned to work, there are two areas, a town and a city, that I usually have my nails cleaned. These are all beauty parlors owned and manage by gay men.

The staffs of the parlor in the city were all women. The owner said, women give her lesser problems and head aches. The staffs of the parlor in the town were gays except for one lady who does nails. The owner said it is better to work with people who have similar views of things around them.

Despite of their differences, they agree on one thing, boys. Even the staffs of the parlor in the town were into boys. These boys are high school students; these are real boys and not men.

Why can’t they just wait for these boys to turn 18? They said boys are fresh, cheap and can easily be manipulated.

I asked them if they have heard about “child abuse” or were aware of the laws protecting children. They told me that the boys didn’t complain and no complaint heard of from their parents who some of them knew of their relationships.

If what they told me were true, it is disturbing when parents allow their children to have sexual relationships with older men. Would they still keep silent if their children were girls and not boys? I believe the boys need the same protection as girls do.


  1. you have a point and i agree.

  2. dont know what to say... i was 14 when i started to receive gifts from older men but 3-4 years earlier was my first sex experience with my same age.

    i remember: when i was in 3rd year high school and was ask by my sister why i have lots of money, i just answered her, "from paluwagan!" and she stop asking then...

  3. @the geek, thanks for dropping by...

    @Ming Meows, ok lang ang sariwa huwag naman yong di pa dapat pitasin.. hahaha!!

    @MrCens, oh boy...

  4. as in...kaserious naman nito..

    pero dapat nga me proteksyon..

    patas patas dapat talaga..

  5. minsan kasi hindi inaakala ng mga magulang na pwedeng mangyari yan sa boys at hindi lang sa girls e

    kengkay here

  6. @vavan, kaya kung magkaroon ka ng anak... bantayan.. hehehe

    @kenkay, may mga bagay na ayon sa kultura natin na ok lang mangyari sa boys... at hindi sa girls..

  7. aba..palagay ko magkaroon tayo ng information campaign. para naman maging aware ang mga pwedeng mabiktima nito.

  8. same here...

    sometimes, just because it is a patriarchal society, most of us thinks that men no longer have any rights, just because they are deemed as the superior sex.

  9. "Why can’t they just wait for these boys to turn 18? They said boys are fresh, cheap and can easily be manipulated."

    Wahahahaha. tawang tawang tawa ako dito.

  10. This is a sad, sad thing to happen.....

  11. Really? were is this happening? i would think laws are stricter specially abroad. but it's certainly bad. niwey, Pls update my site here in you roll. and sorry for stealing your pics. lols!


  12. @Eli & @peripheralviews, you're both right...

    @Yoshke, yup, they're cheap and fresh!

    @Nortehanon, yup but it does...

    @Marlon, it's happening here in our own backyard...


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