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What I Have Accomplished In 2008

One more day, the year 2008 closes. I just thought that today is the right time to think about the things I did this year.
It is time for us to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever, the one who recognizes the challenge and does something about it. - Vince Lombardi
Had I wanted this article longer, the theme wouldn’t be about accomplishments but how I messed up in 2008. But then, I wouldn’t have the guts to write about it.

People who aren't tired of New Year’s resolution probably have already listed theirs for the year 2009. Very few people, I suppose, would want to reflect their acts in 2008.
It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success. - David Feherty
When I looked back and saw what I had done, they were scattered all over, an indication of life unplanned and a life without direction. It reminded me of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. God made them so, because they were unworthy to step into their promised land.

It would have been exciting to track accomplishments based on goals and priorities, but I have not set mine this year. I can only list down the things I have done in 2008 but not accomplishments.

Here are some of the significant things I did in 2008:
  • I started this blog. I created blogs before this but they died the day I started them. This time, it lasted a year and still alive.
  • First time to work alone. I used to work in a team with the same kind of work I am doing right now. Cost cutting made me work alone.
  • Long Bus Rides. Davao-Tacloban City (Davao-Butuan-Surigao-Liloan-Tacloban), Roxas City-Tacloban City (Roxas-Iloilo-Bacolod-San Carlos-Toledo-Cebu-Ormoc-Tacloban)
  • Set foot in Jolo, Sulu and Bongao, Tawi-tawi. Although I have been to almost all places in mainland Mindanao, I never thought I would be able go to Jolo and Bongao.
  • Bought a new laptop. I am not a laptop fanatic. I am more comfortable working on a desktop computer. Work schedule and demands got me to buy and use a laptop.
  • Went to visit relatives I haven’t seen for 19 years.
There are other things that I have done which I can consider significant, but they are too scandalous to write. I need a little motivation here.., hehe.

I would have wanted to close the year 2008 with a BANG!!!..., but firecracker is ban here in Davao City.


  1. Ow? Tiga-Davao ka Dong?! Leche! Gikan man ako diha sa Davao nag suroy suroy sa pier hahahaha Happy New Year, i had the best times of my life in Davao dong! hahahah!

  2. Yup, Dabawenyo na ko kay dugay na man ko diri sa Davao. Pier huh! what an exciting place to be. Kinsa imong uban nagsuroysuroy?

  3. Kauban nako si Beng (lukaret.com), gwapa man kaayo kanang Pearl Farm! Taz daghan gyud gwapo sa centro hahaha!

  4. ngek pati pala si malen (mynosebleed.com) at si ambo (pinoyambisyoso.com)

  5. Bisaya diay pud ni si lukaret.com, maayo kay proud bisaya. So nag enjoy kayo dito sa davao kasi taga davao rin si lukaret.

    Daghan lagi guapo, pero dili man ako ang tag-iya... hehehe

  6. hello!!
    just dropping by to greet you a
    Happy New year
    may you have a great Year this coming 2009
    God bless you and Your Family!!

  7. Happy New Year too, Bluedreamer27.


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