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Finding Fulfillment At Work

It’s been a while since my last post. Work had me most of the time, if not; I was too tired to do other things. This year is about to end and I still have one more trip to go next week. I already flew 58 times in the past 8 months plus boat and bus rides.
Work that involves travel is exciting at the start. Many people, especially those working in the office envy people who work and travel at the same time. But this type of work is not all excitement.

Thomas More, in his book A Life at Work said:
A particular job may be important because of the emotional rewards it offers or for the money. But beneath the surface, your labors are shaping your destiny for better or worse. If you ignore the deeper issues, you may not know the nature of your calling, and if you don’t do work that connects with your deep soul, you may always be dissatisfied, not only in your choice of work but in all other areas of life.
I know from the very beginning that this is not the kind of work that I wanted. I did it because the pay and perks are far better than what I could get working in an office. But then, I felt empty at the end of the day when I looked back at what I have accomplished.

According to More, what we do is always connected to a deep and invisible process of finding meaning in life. It is also about uncovering and becoming the person we were meant to be.

I am not getting any younger. I need to find my way back.


  1. your labors are shaping your destiny for better or worse.. i like this statement. truly, it is circumstances that shape our lives.
    thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing your thoughts.

  2. That's right eli, i have been contemplating these past few days.

    I really need to get the axe head that fell into the water. I need to go back where it fell.

  3. i feel the same thing too
    i am working as a call center agent at the age of 19
    i failed to continue my studies due to financial reasons
    i am dreaming to become a teacher because i know i am comfortable to be in that kind of profession i like children and i love sharing my thoughts and ideas
    but since teachers are not that highly compensated i am forced to get a job where i can raise my family
    and i know that through having myself in a call center industry could be a stepping point
    but i dont realy love to be here but its just that i have to and i dont have any choice but to be here in order for me to help my family
    but i know everything happens for a reason God has many plans for me
    thanks for sharing this post to us
    its nice to be here at your blog
    have a great weekend

  4. Thank you for dropping by bluedreamer. Just like you and many others out there, getting college education is something that I never expected. When I was in high school, I didn't even want to talk about college. Graduating high school has already put on too much weight on my parents.

    When I had the chance to pursue my college education, career choices were limited to uplifting the lives of my family, not on want I am passionate about.

    Nevertheless, I got a chance to be involved I a work that I really love for 6 years. But that wasn’t enough for me. It was cut short because I have to have job that earns, a job that would enable me to provide for my family.

    I have no regrets. Just as you have said, everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for you and me (Jeremiah 29:11).

    God bless you always.


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