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Giving Of Personal Testimony

Giving of personal testimonies by church members can be an inspiration and motivation to others in the church. Lately, in our church, giving of testimonies becomes a norm. Our pastor usually ask members if they have testimonies to share. Generally, the church members are cooperative, some are always eager to give one.

I observed sometimes that testimonies became an avenue to brag, glorifying oneself rather than glorifying God. The purposes of personal testimonies are to glorify God who saved us and to edify others by simply telling one's story.

Giving of personal testimonies is not always easy for other people, like me. It's not easy to open up to people and be vulnerable. When I have been through tough battles, the small battles I've won seem irrelevant to share. It's not easy to find personal stories to tell in front of other people especially if i am caught unprepared. I don't know which story to tell and where to start. There is not a single story i have the doesn't connect the whole of me. Telling that single story might end up myself misunderstood.

I thought there is a solution to this, as there is always a solution to everything. Do it more often until people in the church know you more and more. Until, you don't have to worry about telling side stories to support the main story because the church knew that already. The problem is, do i have to raise my hand every Sunday to tell my story?

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