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How Not to Stay Single After 40

This really interesting! I found this book while surfing the net. Yes, I am single and will be forty (40) later this year. Unfortunately, this book is intended for female audience. I just find it amusing that there is a guide on how not to stay single after 40. I haven't read this book. Do we really need a guide "How not to stay single?". Is there a secret to finding passion, love, and fulfillment as the book says?

How Not to Stay Single After 40 is a step-by-step program full of helpful hints, explicit goal-setting instructions, eye-opening anecdotes, and motivational thoughts specifically geared toward women over forty who want to find lasting love. As relationship expert Nita Tucker explains, "Women over forty think that dating is a very different experience--well, it is! What most women don't realize is that having a relationship at this point in their lives can be richer, happier, and more fulfilling."

This results-oriented book teaches you that wanting a relationship is nothing to be ashamed of, that staying in a dead-end relationship will keep you from finding a thriving one, that there are simple and effective ways to increase the odds of meeting the right kind of people, and that you're a good catch and shouldn't hide it.

About This Book
How Not To Stay Single After 40
The Secret to Finding Passion, Love, and Fulfillment--At Last!
Written by Nita Tucker

How Not to Stay Single After 40 presents a unique plan of action for finding that elusive, emotionally fulfilling relationship. It shows you how to stop waiting and how to start making the connection happen. Unlike other relationship books, this one is about changing what you're doing, not about changing you.

Just A Simple Thought

Having a lot of female friends who are still single at the age of forty and beyond, i found that there are many reasons why they remain single. While reading the above description of the book, most of my friends reasons were not covered by the book.

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