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I Wanted It Before, But Not Anymore

I wanted to buy a good camera especially that i am active online.  I want to show to people what i see in my world.  I also want to have a record of the things that affects my life.  I want to record the different faces of life, the beautiful and the thought provoking.

I wanted to buy a new smartphone.  I had one two years ago and it's not really smart.  I knew it from the start, but it was the one I can afford at that time.  I wanted a phone that have a good personal organizer applications - personal finance, schedule, contacts, notes, reader, etc.

It's good to have a good camera and a new smartphone, but, I cannot  afford to buy them.  I have to enough money before i'd buy them.  I didn't want to buy them on credit.  I had to find another source of income, not from the usual source and I had one in mind.

My Online Income

I earn money online, few cents in every few hours - but just like having a piggy bank, I have earned enough money to buy that expensive camera and expensive smartphone.

More Important Things Arises

Did it ever occur to you that you wanted to buy something but didn't have enough cash and when the time arrived that you enough cash to buy, you spent it on something else?  You changed your mind.  I did, I changed my mind.  This situation happens to me not just a few times, but many times, and in many instances, I regreted my decisions.  There were few instances also that I am glad I did, that I changed my mind, and this is one of those times.  I needed the money on something more important, something i like better and something worthwhile.

I still want to have a good camera and a new smartphone, but I think this is not the right time for it.

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