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What Is The Difference Between Hope and Faith?

Hope and Faith Illustrated Simply

I found this very simple illustration of Hope and Faith 4 years ago.  There are times when we need to be reminded of the truth the simplest way when we tend to make them complicated.  Sometimes we don't need to read chapters and chapters of books about Faith and hear countless hours of teachings about Faith.

Thanks to Church Mice for this cartoon.

Christians often use the word 'pray' instead of 'hope' if you really want certain things to happen.  Personally, i use hope and pray in different ways.  I usually use hope when the things that i wanted to happen are not really important - when it is okay for me if they don't happen but it's still better if they do.  I use pray when i really wanted things to happened or really wanted to have them.  This is the time when I seriously ask God for it.

Having Faith Is A Big Leap

Believing that I already have what I have prayed is the most difficult thing.  How would I know that I made the right request or that the thing that I requested is good for me when I also know that God knows me better and similarly what is good for me?  I will have to go back again with my old aged question - Faith and God's Will.

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