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And The Word Became Flesh

Before Yahoo Messenger, there was Mirc. It is where I learned ASL, LOL and BRB among others.

Every time I didn’t feel like introducing myself and got ASL’ed by a chatmate, this was my usual reply:
I am a 65 years old retired public school teacher in Tawi-tawi.
There was not one truth to it. I didn’t even have an idea about Tawi-tawi. I just knew that it is a place somewhere below Mindanao.

Many years had passed and forgot about it until last year, I was told that I would be given an assignment in Bongao, Tawi-tawi. All I could say was:
OMG! I am not a teacher. I am not 65 years old, no, not yet. And, I am not going to retire there.
Next time, I’d be careful.

The first time I got there, I was surprise to have found hotels, resorts, 4 story buildings, cable TV and internet connection. The town is well connected to the world.

Since July of last year, I visited the island every month. Nothing really exciting happened and nothing scary, it is a relatively peaceful island.

If you buy a television set in Bongao, you have to have a cable connection; otherwise, nothing’s going to come out in your TV screen.

One more thing, 25, 10 and 5 centavos are not accepted in Bongao, Tawitawi so clean out your coin purse before visiting the island.


  1. naks..sosyal, walang circulation doon ng centavo coins?kakaiba...

  2. so andami mo sigurong candies na sukli ganun ba yun?

  3. @geek, nagulat nga din ako... parang ang yaman nila.

    @ming, oo nga ano.. di ko ma remember na may nagsukli sa akin ng candy.. parang wala.

  4. nakakatuwa na malamang yung iniipon kong mga coins e di pala pwede sa ibang lugar... thanks!

    anu po ba trabaho nyu? it seems dami nyu ng adventures! gusto ko rin nun. :))

  5. @gege, ako rin di ko akalain sa may lugar pala sa Pilipinas na piso ang pinakamaliit na pera ang tinatanggap. Pero di tulad mo, wala akong coins na iniipon.. ginagastos ko lahat.. hahaha

    Sasabihin ko sayo nag work ko kapag nilibre mo ako ng potato chips.. nanlilibre ka pala sa blog mo.. pahingi naman dyan.. hehehe.

  6. wow welcome back pareng elyong..it's about time..kaya ka ba matagal nawala dahil masyado kang nag-enjoy sa tawi-tawi?hehe

    btw, nice title. asteeeggg

  7. @Flamindevil, I am not that adventurous yet to enjoy Tawitawi. Although the island is relatively peaceul, I don't feel comfortable exploring the island.


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