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The Imperfect 100

Who wouldn’t want a grade of 100? It means perfect when I was in grade school. Although there were other grading systems like “O” for outstanding, “VS” for Very Satisfactory, “S” for Satisfactory and “NI” for Needs Improvement, I always liked the numerical one because it would clearly define the difference with what I’ve got from the rest of the class.

But that was many years back. Two weeks ago, I was offered a grade of 100. I am not ecstatic this time. I begged for a lower one, but I was told that it is not perfect for me. One hundred is the lowest I could have.

Now, I am wearing a grade of 100. It is perfect for my imperfection.


  1. so what's the highest score? 1?

  2. @Ming, hehehe.. i don't know what's the highest grade... and i hope my grade won't get higher.

    Wearing reading eyeglasses is really a hassle.. hahahaha!!! The grade of my reading eyeglasses right now is 100. A beginner's grade.. :)

  3. a perfect grade for your imperfection indeed. :p

  4. oo nga eh, mukhang perfect.. pero super hassle talaga..

  5. hahahaha aray koh, at inabot mo rin pala ang mga ganyang grades na VS, S, MS, at lumalagapak na NI na nung araw pag marami kang NI dun ka sa row 4 sa tabi ng CR at waste bin(obvious bang nakakarelate ako hahaha)


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