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Wish List 2009

With the hope that a genie will appear anytime this year, it would help if I have my wish list ready for 2009.

Here are the things that I want to have:

  • Digital Camera – I have been traveling for quite a while and I failed to capture sceneries and moments worth freezing. It might not be too late to do it this year with the help of a new digital camera.
  • Cellular Phone – The one I have right now, which I bought 4 years ago, already has a life of its own. It will make calls behind my back even if it is locked. It will send text messages even if I am not yet finished typing the message. The joystick won’t work most of the time and if it does, it will not stop scrolling. Crazy isn’t it?
  • New Laptop Backpack – My laptop doesn’t fit well with the backpack I currently have. I just thought that it is cheaper to buy a new backpack than buy a new laptop, lol!
  • MP3 player – It is good to have something to listen while on travel, doing something or nothing at all. It doesn’t have to be an IPOD, but this is a wish list, so IPOD it is.
  • New Mobile Hard Drive – I don’t want to load my laptop with so many files. I store my files in an external storage device. The one I have right now has a storage capacity of 40G and it’s already full. A new 160G would greatly help.
  • New pair of Levis Jeans – With so many responsibilities in the past, this was the least of my priorities. Every time I buy myself a new one, one of my brothers would always take it away from me. It happened always in the past.
  • New cologne – Maybe I’ll get lucky this time, lol!
Here are the things that I want to do:
  • Start my own business – I am thankful that I am employed but wouldn’t it be nice to give this opportunity to others and create more?
  • Get acquainted with my relatives – At the funeral of my uncle, the eldest sibling of my mother, my cousins made a genealogy graph of their family. Many of those in the list were unknown to me, yet they are all living here in the island.
  • De-clutter – Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Books, Closet and everything else.
  • Go back to the gym – ai yay yay yay yay!
  • Manage my finances wisely – I believe that God has given me enough. It was me who didn't do well managing it.
The things that I want to have and do are endless. Setting a limit to my greed would make it more realistic and attainable, hopefully, right genie?


  1. grabeee! buong SM mall yang wish list mo! hahaha kaya ko lang bilhin para seyo Gaisano hahah

  2. hahah, reyna elena, why would i wish on something i could easily pull out of my pocket! Generic naman ang mga yan kaya ok lang kung hindi sm, puede na gaisano, lol!

  3. Nice wish list, ganyan din ag wish lists ko last year 70 % natupad. Gud Luck sau! I hope you will have 100% of your wish be granted!!

  4. mine is a serious and long lasting relationship. im not getting any younger. haha. most of my wishes were granted last year so i think im gonna settle this year.

    nice site. kewl, minimalist, and neat.

  5. @Charles, 70% is actually very high, good for you.

    @The Islander, thanks. Wow ha! Congratulations in advance... so when and where? Puede pa invite? hahaha...


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