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What Are The Things Inside Your Backpack?

My friend RainB, a self-confessed backpacker, once told me that every time he buys a new shirt he disposes one. If he buys a new pair of jeans, he disposes an old pair. He gives the old stuff to anyone who might still need them. This is how he maintains his backpack or closet if he has, lol!

As a single man like he is, I looked at all the stuff that I bought. They are all around me inside the house that I am renting. Most of them are slightly used or worse, were not used at all.

Looking back at the time I bought all these things, I was pretty sure I would be using them. They would make my life easier, I thought. Now, I realize I was wrong.

When I bought these things, I had a frame of a life that I thought I am going to have. That kind of life was put together at the height of my emotions. When I thought everything is going to fall in the right places. A life built upon emotions and hardly thought of, or worse, a life that is built to accommodate the things that I so desire at the moment.

I really don’t know if RainB already have everything he really needs to live by. He spent his life going around doing volunteer work and well, something else…, lol!

One thing I just learned about buying things for myself, my life’s direction should be considered and the lifestyle the goes with it.

If I have to pack my bag, what would be in it? But first, where am I going?


  1. Away. Far. That is where a real backpacker should go. Because at the end of that journey lies home. My life journeys always lead me back to where I belong.

    Nice post dude. What? No nudity here? lol

  2. Nudity is in the flipside... lots of it, in words and images.. lol!


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