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Green Revolution

Flood incidents are common during rainy season. Global warming debates heighten during summer. Rain or shine people are blaming each other. No one is really during something about it.

People’s organization, government and non-government organizations keep on fighting environment management while the environment is dying…fast.

When I was in grade school, we were all encourage or required to plant trees. We cannot graduate elementary if we could not show certificate showing the number of trees we have planted and the map locating the place those tress were planted.

We can plant anywhere we want. It doesn’t have to be in our own land. It could be planted on our neighbors’ property. We really didn’t care if we can’t get the ownership rights of the tree. What we were after was the certification from the barangay chairman.

One thing I noticed with the barangay chairmen were their seriousness about giving certification. They would do actual inspection of the tress planted before certifications were signed.

After many years, I went back to visit our province. I noticed that the town I used to live was literally covered with tress. The trees I saw couldn’t be the trees we planted because that was a long time ago. I learned that the community was encouraged after they saw the result of the trees being planted by the students, they themselves planted the trees.

Let’s stop the costly talk. Start planting trees.


  1. i once became an SK chairman in our barrangay and we once had that kind of project hehe
    its so nice to help to preserve our nature and bythe way elyong i have something for you in my blog i hope you like it

  2. Wow Blue, you were an SK chairman? I admire people with leadership skills. Yes blue, this kind of project should be revived...


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