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Most Memorable Gift

Gifts are given anytime of the year. But, they are mostly given in seasons and special days. Christmas gift is the most popular of all. Almost everyone has given one voluntarily out of love and gratitude, and as required through mandatory exchange gifts in school, work and club organizations. We give gift because we need to and we want to.

Gift giving is not a norm in our family. I don’t know who my godfather (Ninong) is and haven’t seen him since I can remember. So, most probably the first gift I receive was when I was in first grade in school. I cannot remember anymore the first gift I receive in school nor the last one.

There’s nothing memorable about gifts received through exchange means. Most of these gifts if not all, were less useful than expected. One of the reasons why gifts were less satisfying is the people giving the gift were clueless.

Finding gift for someone you don’t know with limited sources and resources is more difficult than challenging. You wouldn’t even know whether the person who will receive the gift is a guy or a girl. Everybody would buy gift that crosses gender, which was so limited in my time, when the definitions of male and female were black and white.

The only thing exciting I found in exchange gift was my curiosity in finding what would I get and who would get my gift. But, excitements were sometimes spoiled by information leaked by those who could not contend their curiosity.

I haven’t missed exchange gifts during Christmas in school. All those gifts I received in school were all forgotten except the one in my third year in high school. I received a dozen of combs. It came in different colors, styles and sizes. It maybe the most ridiculous gift I receive but nevertheless memorable. I never had a chance to know the person who gave the gift.

Gifts are tangible expressions of love. It is free. It is not a payment of anything. Otherwise, it is not anymore a gift. If you give a gift to someone out of gratitude, it is not a gift. If you give gift to a person because you also received gift from that person, it is not a gift. If you give gifts and expect something in return, it is not a gift but an investment.

The best people to be given gifts are those who can’t give back. They are all around us. Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers, you did it for the Lord (Matthew 25:40). Just like David (1 Chronicles 21:24), we will not offer anything to the Lord that cost us nothing.

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