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Why I Don’t Like Budgeting?

At first I don’t like it, until I know why. It feels like dieting. I hate controlled diets; I want to eat what I like when I want anytime. I am on a “see-food” diet. I eat when I see food. The word budget affects people like a disease.

If you have done budgeting before try to recall what were on the list. Food, rent, bills and all basic needs. Does your budget looks like a financial plan that takes away all the fun?

If we look at budgeting as measured spending rather than eliminating the things that we want, then it would be exciting and fun. When I started budgeting, it did not include in the list most of the things that spell fun.

Budgeting is also a trial and error process. Sometimes, things and situation don’t happen as expected. You will be making changes along the way, just like any plan should be. It can never be perfect but once you have mastered the process it becomes effortless. The reward is having control over your financial life, rather than letting it control you.


  1. Agree ako dyan, ako naman why i dont like budgeting... simply because i dont want headache hahaha, i must admit i hate budgeting.Would you believe if i tell you that since i started working at the age of 17, i gave all my money to mother till now that im 42? hahaha very funny huh pero yun ang totoo, maybe 1 reasong is im irresponsible when it comes to money,galit ako sa pera pag may hawak akong pera galit nagalit ako hangang sa wala ng matira at di ako marunong madala at hanggang sa mamatay na yata ako diko na kayang baguhin ang sarili ko when it comes to money matter.

  2. hahaha... kaya mo yan... basta kaya ng iba.. eh di ipagawa mo sa kanila.. este.. kaya mo rin..


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