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Money Does Solve Money Problems

Yes it does! “Money doesn’t solve money problems.” I read this in one website. “Money problems are behavioral problems.” Although I have heard of this from different people, meetings and seminars from the past, it made me reflect for a moment. Is it really a behavioral problem? It sound so bad for those people who thought of making the right decision on a particular dilemma but eventually lead them to financial difficulties. I believe that most of our money problems are behavioral in nature, but there might be few exceptions.

Sometimes we do some sacrifices for the people that we love that will lead us to financial difficulties. There are also situations in life that we cannot control like accidents and losses that lead us to financial difficulties. But these difficulties don’t linger.

If you are having financial problems very often or have not freed yourself from money problems for a long time, then it would be helpful to check your behavior. Chances are your problem is behavioral.


  1. ay korek ka dyan yun ang problema ko hahaha

  2. Naku, alam mo ba na it would take us 20 years to change a behavior.. hehehe.. that's according to study... di ko alam kung saan galing.. hahaha


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