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Did God Say No?

I posted last month about God answering prayers. Most people said yes, God answers prayers but they aren't always a Yes. There are No's and Wait's too. The "YES" part is easy to tell, because i got what i prayed for. Although, sometimes it's 80%-90% YES because what i got is not what i totally expected. There were modifications and little twists, but even though, it satisfied the need.

The "NO" and "WAIT" part is kind of blurry. How would i know if it's really a "NO" or just a "WAIT"? I would only know that it's a "WAIT" when i got what i prayed for at a later time. Most of the time it arrived when i already forgotten it. Also, i would only know that it's a "NO" when i die and didn't receive what a prayed for. For my part, there were times when i thought it's a NO but it arrived at a later time. I thought it's a "NO", but it was a "WAIT".

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