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We Were Never Meant To Lose

Looking back at my life, I have so many downs than ups and most likely, just like anybody else.  I also learned that whatever is the person's status and whoever the person is, he/she may have experienced failures and most probably more than his/her successes.  Another thing that i learned is that i don't have to loose when failed at something.

Failing Is Not Losing

You don't have to lose when you fail.  I would like to quote Greg Taylor, Founder of WordPress Development Company, Marketing Press, he wrote:

I’ve failed a shitload of times. Failed a bunch and always come out of it wiser and better for it. Anyone who tells you that they’ve never failed is someone who is either lying to you or never tried to do anything exceptional with their lives.

I don’t mind failing and learning something in the process, but I can’t stand losing. To me, losing is something completely different. To me losing means, being beat, being outsmarted and just plain coming up short.

Failing is part of the learning process.   The process stops when you succeed.  When you succeed in something you move on to other things and go through another process.

In short, it has always been about learning and succeeding.  We were never meant to loose, unless we choose to.


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    1. Yup, but sometimes I can't help but feel bad when I fail... but then, who would be happy of failures?


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