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Is My Life Story Worth Telling?

I accidentally bump into this image (below) when i was surfing the web looking for something not really related to the photo.  It made me paused for a while and looked at my life and asked myself, 'Is My Life Story Worth Telling?'.

What Makes a Life Story Worth Telling?
As i looked back at what i have been through, the things that i did, things that i have accomplished and those that i didn't, decisions that i did and those that i put on hold and ignored, there was nothing worth telling.  I am in a movie, i would probably those forgetable extra or the background that anyone else watching would never take notice.  But then, what makes a life story worth telling?  I don't know.  Maybe when i find it, i would know.

What Life Has in Store for Me?
I am still alive.  Life has not given up on me yet.  Probably sometime in the future (near future, i hope), the life that is worth telling is waiting for me.


  1. Whatever experiences we have in life, good or bad, there is a lesson to learn and it's worth telling not if we purpose it to glorify the self but God.

    1. Thank you very much chin chin for the very nice words of encouragement and for dropping by. Have a wonderful day and God bless you always.


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