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When A Lie Becomes Truth

There was an incident that happened to me many years ago that I thought too shameful if known by most of my “good friends”. Part of the story was also very interesting to share because not many had experience it in their lives. So when there were opportunities I could share the experience, I tell the story differently.

Why the story happened may not be a problem, but the “how” it happened may raise the eyebrows of some people. So, I fabricated a story of how it happened. Beautifully crafted story, a mix of truth and lie of how it happened to fit with the “why” part of the story.

The redesigned story is now the “story” of the incident. I kept on telling the story for many years and every time I relate the story, the fabricated part started to form an image in my mind. That image became constant because I never changed the fabricated story.

What I noticed is that, I, myself started to believe the lie. I thought the fabricated part of the story really happened. Most of the time I forgot that I just made it up many years back. It now seemed real to me and that the fabricated part actually happened. The image that would flash my mind when I think of the redesigned story is very vivid.

This experienced taught me how powerful our spoken words and how rich out imagination can get. We may be able to experience things that never really happened.


  1. agree na naman ako..
    macoconfused ka nalang bigla kung san don ang lie, san ang hindi..

    me bago si superwoman..

  2. you will become a good lawyer someday or a whistle blower that can destroy even the most powerful... but truth will always set as free.

    see, the incident happened long time ago and still bugging you up.

    lier ka ba sir yong?

  3. sometimes its very hard to distinguish bet lie and truth? sometimes we just depend on our emotion to tell if it is lie or truth.

  4. wow you must have a powerful mind. I can't do that. If I needed to say a lie, I should rememeber how I lied or else I would be caught. As I grew older, I find it hard to keep track of all my lies, because I hate memorizing. So I dont do it anymore. hahaha

  5. @vanvan, sige tingnan ko kung anong bago ni superwoman.

    @MrCerns, Good question, what make a person a liar? Would you call the person a liar when he only lied once or at few times? If so, then we are all liars.. hahahaha!! I have to see a person who hasn't lied once in his or her life.. :)

    @Eli, yup especially if the person himself was convinced about his lie, others would easily believe it too..

    @Jason, you don't have to do that.. some lies will always remain a lie... and you will always remember that it was a lie.. hehehe

  6. i guess i need more practice. hehehe

  7. @Jason, hahahaha!!! No Jason... behave..

  8. yay hahaha nangyari sakin yan long long back dinagdagan ko yung kwento ko e nagkataon nalimutan ko nakwento ko ulit sa same person na nakwentuhan ko na ayun buking ako ahahahaha diko na inulit e mahina memorya ko e mabubuking kagad ako hahaha


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