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Finding A Conducive Place To Pray

Anyone can pray anytime of the day, in any place a person wants. Some people do it while doing other things, while others would set aside a time for prayer. There are also people who would find a special place that would separate them from the environment they were used to.

There are times when I long for a special place to spend time with God and pray. Some place quiet and far from any form of distraction. I thought I can focus and pray better without the usual things that surround me. Most of the time, the environment I thought unsuitable was an excuse for me to have a more focused prayer.

When I was given a chance to have what I longed for, a place I had in mind where I can think better and feel better, I wasn’t what I was expected to be.

The place I thought conducive was there, but the feeling I thought I would feel wasn’t. Many times we justify ourselves for not being able to pray. We give countless external reasons, but the problem really was inside us.


  1. sir yong, did you know that i go to church more often here in dubai than on my hometown, davao? but still, i feel that my connection in god is not that strong as what i had in my place...

    by the way, i am reading bo sanchez's blog. i found the link on your site. thanks!

  2. MrCerns, our relationship with GOD does not depend on where we are. There must be something that hinders you from deepening your relationship with HIM.

    Bo Sanchez is one of my favorite speaker and author. You will find a lot of inspirational articles in his blog. Hope you will find insights for living in his blog.

  3. aaaaaaw. honestly, i dont remember the last time i prayed.... :(

  4. usually, i take a quick but worthwhile visit to my favorite trappist monastery in guimaras...

    it is nice to be at some place where you can hear is silence....

  5. this is a reality check again.

    there really is no excuse and no justification for that. it's either we pray or not.

    we may be very busy but we should set aside a time to pray and thank Him for the blessings.

  6. i admit am not a church goer.... nakakapasok lang ako ng church pag binyag, kasal or libing.

    bad ko eh noh...

    pero i make it a point that i communicate to my God on a daily basis. kahit nasa bus ako, fx, sa daan or kahit saan. everywhere naman sha di ba?

  7. @Geek, it's good that you take time to pray.

    @flamindevil, you're right, no excuses...

    @Geisha, you don't have to be in church to pray. You can do it anytime and anywhere.


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