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My Life As A Business Tycoon

I had my first glimpsed in the business world at a young age. When my parents can’t consistently provide my needs in school, small business was a way to go. Here are some of my unforgettable not so successful business start-ups.

The Sugar Coated Sourball Business Gone Sour
In grade IV, I sold sugar coated sour balls in school at five centavos each. A box of 12 sugar coated sour balls costs 35 centavos. I earn 25 per box that I sold. I could sell two boxes on Mondays, 1 box on Wednesdays and considered it lucky if I could sell a box on Fridays. The business gone sour when the cost of sugar coated sour balls increased; and my classmates’ preference had changed.
The Not So Fruitful Business
In grade VI, I brought fresh guavas at school. I sold some of them and I exchanged some of them with papers. Fresh guavas cost me nothing but time and effort to pick them at the hillside. The business was not sustained because guavas won’t bear many fruits when not in season.
The Walked-out Sidewalk Fast Food
In high school I cooked anything I can think of on weekends and sold them by the sidewalk near our house. Eventually, people got tired of my unchanged menu, walked-away and left me the last man standing by the side walk.
The Rotten Fish Business
Also in high school, I sold fish during weekends. It was not your normal way of selling fish at the market. I carried a basketful of fish barking house to house in the nearby towns. Hitting puberty made me realized that it was not good to mix business and pleasure. I always chose pleasure, lol!
In college I had to bite the bitter pill slavery. I had to be employed. I didn’t realize that being an employee is addictive. It conditioned my mind that it is the safest place to be. No hassles, no problems, no complications and least or not at all risky.

After college, while I was still intoxicated with slavery pill, I tried to pull myself out of addiction many times with the help of other drugged friends. We did not succeed. Later I realized that I cannot be rehabilitated around friends who also took that same bitter pill and still enjoying its poison.

I am not going to give up.
I haven't failed; I've found 10,000 ways that don't work.
-Thomas Edison
I'd rather be a failure at something I enjoy, than be a success at something I hate.
- George Burns
I need to find somebody who hasn’t took the pill, or someone who took the pill but has successfully got freed from its deceitful beauty. I have to find that someone. Are you there?


  1. maganda na nung bata ka pa ay natuto kana sa bisnes pero hindi naman maganda kung nalulong ka sa "slavery pill".. (kung tama ang nasa isip ko) tigilan mo na iyan kung nakasasama sa ikauunlad mo. di kaya ako na ang hinahanap mo? haha. ingats salamat!

  2. Kung ikaw man yong hinahanap ko dencios ibig sabihin nakita ko na ang hinahanap ko... hahaha.. ang dencios dito sa amin ay isang kainan..

    Thank you for visiting and leaving your footsteps here.. God bless you.

  3. well, are'nt you glad, a person rich with experience. but don't we all have or are still enjoying some sort of addiction that made us all feel good? but no worries, we will all outgrow them,... or need a higher dosage. it's all our choice. but I suggest we keep our feet on the ground, for we are connected to the earth, and not the sky. that's how I see it. nice one!

  4. Thank you partofyou, not all addicts want to stay addicted even though they're enjoying being addicts... hahaha!

  5. wow nice post. iba yong na-expose sa businessworld. at iba ang nasa business. masmalaya at hindi ka nakatali sa systema ng kung sinong amo!

    isa sa mga goal ko ngayon ay ang magkaroon ng business.

  6. Sana mag succeed tayo this time.. I pray for you and me. Update na lang tayo.


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