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What Christians Don't Talk About

It is a common condition as Christians seeing and hearing people confessing their sins and asking forgiveness. In some churches they devoted a time for public confession and thanksgiving. Sins being confessed were nothing new; everybody did it also at some point in their life. “I masturbated last night.” Can you imagine how will the people at church react if someone talks about that in the pulpit or at least in front of everybody?

Before I became a Christians, we talked about it casually. I don’t know about girls but I heard older women talked about it but not as often as guys. There is also an age difference between men and women when they start talking about it. Usually, guys who talked about it were much younger than women.

Most unresolved issues in Christianity are those issues that we Christians avoid talking about. We just keep it to ourselves and look for answers in the closet. We feel like we are sinning just by talking about it.

Yes, we are warned about having impure thoughts. Guard our hearts and minds from things the might corrupt us. But how can we teach ourselves talking about it in an innocent way or at least professionally if we don’t talk about it?

I can talk casually to my friends about me lying or hurting others. I cannot muster strength to talk about sexual sins. Well, I can talk about it in a generic manner, in ways that made it common to everybody but nothing specific.

Christians online talked about it because they’re not seeing anyone. I can speak my mind because you don’t see me. But still I am trying to choose the right words to say and I am not really very specific here. I haven’t asked questions yet. Questions might be very explicit but I have no intention of encouraging lust.

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