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Being Single Is No Better

Spontaneity, Freedom and Flexibility, these are some of the best thing about being single. Well, that’s according to them. To them who are married, and to the singles who refused to accept that being single stinks too. But, as a single person writing the worst of being single will not make my day, is it?
Why should I get married?

I guess this question is a bit different than “Why are you still single?” and “Why aren’t you married?” or am I fooling myself? It’s just that I am tired of answering those later questions and giving the same shallow answers. I’d better make a new one, hoping to get better answers.

No man is an island
Huh! I thought I’d be getting better answers, not silly answers. But, there’s a truth to it though. My siblings (singles too) and my nieces (daughters of my only married brother) live with me but, still feels i am alone. Being with people doesn’t necessarily mean I am not alone. I can talk to my brothers being their brother and friend. I can talk to my nieces being their uncle and their friend. But I can’t talk to these people being me. I wish I have that person I can talk to being me. Now I know why they call that person the “better half”. It means that person is also you. I just don’t know why it is called “better.” Originally, in the Garden of Eden, there was only one person. God divided them into two. The man has to look for the lost part. The woman has to find where she came from. It is for the man to find her and the woman to wait for him. For the man, finding the lost part is like finding a needle in the hay stocks. For the woman, waiting sucks!

It is not easy being an odd ball
When I was younger, my friends and I were of the same colors. As the years went by, they changed colors. Me too, I changed color, but an odd one. Something that cannot be classified. At church, more often than before, our pastor would divide us into prayer groups. This is so that we could share to one another our experiences and testimonies before going into prayer. The division would usually be 1) single men, 2) married men, 3) single women, and 4) married women. There’s nothing wrong with these divisions, only that the single men are half my age. My age group belongs to the married men but I am not married. Being odd does not only happen at the church. During coffee breaks and discussions, the topics that my friends talk about more often are about their families and being married. If not, their families will always be a consideration. They talked about real experiences, I can only talk about theories.

To serve and protect
Young girls play dolls and young boys play soldiers or the other way around. Whichever way, our nurturing character is hungrier than ever. That is why it’s wrong to say that you give yourself to someone when you love someone. Loving and giving that love to someone in any ways you want is filling the emptiness you have. Whether the love is reciprocated or not, it shouldn’t matter. Wow! Did I just say that? Well, when you love someone, the need is filled. When it is reciprocated, it will overflow. The feeling is great when it overflows.

Conserve Energy
It’s difficult to cook for one person, nevertheless, it is expensive. It’s not environmentally friendly too. Just imagine all single persons in the world cooks for himself or herself. It made me wonder whether there is a correlation between energy consumption and the number of single persons alive.

Being single isn’t bad either and no better than being married. Being married is no better than being single too, I guess, I haven’t been there. Just one of my theories based on what I have heard. Singles want to get married. Married people at some point missed being single. We always think the grass is greener on the other side. Whether you are single or married now, just make the most and best of it.


  1. hey this is a nice post, i love being single siguro kundi lang sa kakulitan ng mader ko na magkaapo di ako mag aasawa hahaha

  2. hahahaha!!! ganun, pero nag enjoy ka naman siguro sa pag aasaw.. hahaha, hopefully you have no regrets getting married... at mukhang happy ka naman hehehe


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