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Why is it important to know what you want in life?

Not knowing what you want in life will confuse you of which path to take at the crossroads and skills to learn and develop in order to succeed. You are like a person walking without knowing where to go.

I had this habit of going out without really knowing where to go. Most of the time i end up getting tired accomplishing nothing. It is like browsing the internet without really knowing what to find, googling everything that comes to mind. At the end of the day i feel like i have wasted time that would have been a golden opportunity to do something worthwhile.

Knowing what you want in life is also not easy. The many possibilities a person could be and the many things a person could do would make it more complicated. Are these the things in life that we think would make us happy? Are these the things that would make our life worthy of living? Or the things that would make us happy and make our life worthy of living?

Organizations call this their 'Mission', the reason for being. The reason why the organization was created. This can be applied at a personal level, the reason for living.

What is your reason for living?

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