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Change: The Wild Horse

It is said that change is inevitable, that the only constant in this world is change. It is happening within us and to all the things that surrounds us. Everything is constantly changing.

Change seems to have a life of its own sweeping through all of us. We cannot prevent change. Even if we don’t do anything to change, it will move on to its course.

Change is not all good, not all desirable and not everything we wanted.

Change is like a wild horse. It is powerful but dangerous. It will harm us if we don’t take control of it.

Take hold of it, control it and direct its course. It will take you to where you want to go.


  1. "Even if we don’t do anything to change, it will move on to its course"

    how true... sometimes we don't even need to do anything, change will find its course

    I love your title for this post! ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. did elyong take hold of his horse?

    (or did somebody take over elyong? hehehe glad to have you back..you have been missed here...)

  4. Change for the better just like taming the wild horse!

  5. minsan kaya takot tayo sa pagbabago dahil ayaw nating umalis sa comfort zones natin.

    change is vital..change is change means i have to move on.

    nice one elyong.

  6. i agree minsan mas maganda pa rin to stay up with something than to change

    pero depende pa rin ito sa sitwasyon
    sometmes we really have to change to correct something or to forget something

  7. Anonymous28 May, 2009

    i have to agree, we might as well help bring about good changes to the world, on that connection, i want to share this post, its about helping children http://modernpatadyong.i.ph/blogs/modernpatadyong/2009/05/28/paglaum/

  8. Anonymous31 May, 2009

    nuthin is really constant in this world but change..and we have to bear with it.

  9. Sometimes people don't realize that change is constant and active throughout time. And because of this, they often don't notice that they change for the worst.

    We always have to keep in mind that everything around us is a factor for change. We just have to decide that the road to that change is for the better.

    God bless us all!

  10. There's no constant thing in this world,only change...:)

  11. ang importante ay kung pano ka mag-cope sa change

    btw, kamusta ang davao?

  12. I agree with rafter. Learn how to take life as it comes at you.

  13. Just accept everything that comes to your life,who knows it might be the one that will bring you luck...

  14. Anonymous12 July, 2009

    musta na pareng elyong?wala pa bang bago dyan?

  15. Change is unpredictable. It also sometimes takes you to surprising course... :)

  16. change should be man's best friend

    ikaw, ha
    di mo na ko dinadalaw

  17. Anonymous27 July, 2009

    nawala ka na parekoy. :c

  18. Anonymous30 July, 2009

    as usual, dumaan upang magparamdam. :p


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