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My Share Of Embarrassing Moments

The thought of writing about my share of embarrassing moments made me shrink. I have to get over them. They are my past. I don’t want them jeopardize my present. I have to move on.

All right, you know I am just kidding, about the “moving on” thingy. There’s nothing serious about it. They’re part of life’s humor. My friends already had fun of my embarrassing past, so why not everybody.
Let’s start when I was in grade school. Me and my friends, all boys, skipped school in the morning and went swimming in the river quite far from school. Somebody might have told our teacher. When we went back to school in the afternoon, we were made to fall in line beside the flag pole naked.
I had some more embarrassing moments in grade school, but for now, let’s jump to high school.
I usually sit at the back in our class in high school. One time we had an exam, I saw that many of my classmates were looking at their notebooks. I asked one of them. She told me it’s a open notes exam. Even though I wondered, I opened my notes. A few seconds later, our teacher twisted my ears for cheating. Ouch!
That was the first time I cheated in school and I got caught! I swear that was the only time. But, I can’t swear that I haven’t lied.

Anyway, here is one more in high school.
I gossiped (I don’t know if it was) about my friend, neighbor and classmate (just imagine the relationship we had) about the “thing” she and her boyfriend, who is another friend and classmate, did the night before. I knew because I was their look out. Guess what? The friend, neighbor and classmate I gossiped about was in the group! Dumb me!
Maybe I was so excited about my scoop that I didn’t look at the people I am talking too. I swear I didn’t notice her in the group. Surprisingly, there were only five of us.

That would be for today. I cannot handle the humiliation I am feeling right now.


  1. each and evry one of us has our share of embarassing moments..depende nlang yon..

    daming beses na rin akong napahiya..pero oks lang..heheh

  2. wala ka sa lolo ko! hahahah.... joey de leon's famous line in eat bulaga.

  3. ok lang yan.but lemme say favorite ko yung flagpole incident.yay.haha

  4. @vanvan, yup, kasama yata ang embarrassing moments sa personal development natin.. hahaha!

    @Julius, hahaha..wala ka rin sa lolo ko.. pati na rin sa lola ko..

    @Flamindevil, hahaha... bata pa kami.. di exciting..

  5. @Ming Meows, kaya nga embarrassing... hahahaha!! nahihiya na tuloy ako sayo... hahaha


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