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The Flipside of Being Front Desk Personnel

Entertaining guests you don’t know may seem easy. Entertaining guests you know is easier, this was what I thought until I had a chat with front desk personnel at the hotels I stayed in my trips.

If you are the front desk personnel, what would you do if you know personally the guest checking-in with someone not his wife or husband?

What would you say if the guest you knew would ask you not to tell anybody especially his or her spouse about the incident?

What would you say to the spouse who is also a friend who comes to the hotel asking for his wife or her husband?

What is more important to you, loyalty to your friends or loyalty to your work?


  1. if i was the front office personnel and i saw you with suspicious face, it will be my next entry on my blog...

    it will be supported with video clips from the security camera of the hotel and pictures taken from the a latest nikon/canon camera with high power lense. hehehe... joke lang!

  2. if it was me in that situation,

    if the friend was really close to me, i'd tell them that their partner is in the something unit on nth floor, hand over the keys and tell them not to tell anyone how they got the key. LOL

    it's difficult pala maging front desk personnel!

  3. @MrCerns, ikaw pala ang source ng lahat na video scandals ha... hahaha!!

    @Brylle, then you're not a good friend of the other half.. paano kung friend mo ang dalawa. At kahit isa lang sa kanila ang friend mo.. tiyak tanggal ka sa trabaho.. hehe.. thanks for dropping by.


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