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About Believing In God

In one of my conversations with a city mayor in one of the cities in the Visayas region, he shared about his speech given to some civil society groups in the city. Part of the speech he gave was about believing in God. If a person believes in God, he doesn’t loose anything but instead, he will gain everything.

If a person believes in God and God does not exist, he has done well to himself and to other people because the teachings of God are focused on self development. If God exists, the person who believes in Him will go to heaven.

If a person does not believe in God and God does not exist, then it’s ok. But, if God does exist, the person will go to hell.

I was amused at the Mayor’s simple logic of believing in God. It’s a na├»ve and selfish faith that focus of saving one self.

We don’t believe and worship God because we just want to be saved from eternal damnation. We believe and worship God because He deserves it. The focus of our faith and worship should be to God and not to us.


  1. naks father elyong i have a confession father pls help me...kiddding!

    ang bait a hehe

  2. nice one elyong. and besides if there's no God, life is a mess. its nothing...

    believe ako sa mga graphics mo. very consistent and stlye.

  3. @Mac, sige confess mo sa aking ang lahat na xxcapades mo ha... interesting kasi.. hahah, nabasa ko na yong iba sa blog mo.. paano na lang kaya yong hindi naisulat.. hehehe

    @Eli, Life is really a mess without HIM. I am glad that you found HIM too.. God Bless You.

  4. ang cute ng site mo bawat entry may poster... :D

  5. @mb, katuwaan lang ang poster... pero may balak talaga ako niyan later.. di ko lang sasabihin.. hahaha!!

  6. I agree, if there are no rules nor religion, and we are allowed to do whatever we want, then the world would be in CHAOS!

  7. Sya lang ang daan, the savior, the creator, walang sawang magbigay ng blessings sa ting lahat so dapat lang nating ibalik sa kanya lahat lahat ng kapurihan, hehe lastek baka naman kakadalaw ko dito e bigla akong maging relihyosa waaaa, pero sa totoo lang nakakatulong atleast dati puro dirty... politika, puro chika, puro syowbiz ang nababasa ko dito sa blogsphere atleast ngayon eto may pang banlaw hahahaha.


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