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Starting The Day Right

We have different morning rituals. Our moods vary. Our mornings start at different times. Each of us have different “first thing to do” when we wake up. No matter how different our morning is, we can always start our day right.

On normal days, I go to bed early and get up early. The older you get, the earlier you go to sleep and wake. This is true to some people including me.

More often, when I sleep late, intentionally or not, I wake up late too. When I do, a considerable morning time is already consumed.

The moment I open my eyes and come to my senses, I am dumped by the thoughts of the things to be done and supposed to have been done. If I have to go through my morning rituals, there wouldn’t be enough time.

I rush doing some, skip doing some. Time and again, the usual victim is my prayer time.

The thoughts of “I can pray anytime of the day” and “I can pray while doing things” encourage the idea of rushing and skipping Morning Prayer.

Past experiences of rushing and skipping Morning Prayer made me close my day saying “I could have done better”.

It wouldn’t take long to start the day right. Let us start it right.


  1. I always pray anytime of the day and at night, but i do not make a morning prayer. Thanks a lot. Such a wonderful reminder.

  2. I always try to start my day with the right attitude in mind.

  3. @Ambo, it may sound religious, but i feel confident to face the day when i started it with prayer.

    @Jason, you're right Jason, and for me, the right attitude in mind would know what's the most important of all.

    Thank you guys for dropping by.


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