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Label Them All If You Can

Let’s start with the definition of the term labeling.
Labeling (US) is defining or describing a person in terms of his or her behavior. For example, describing someone who has broken a law as a criminal. The term is often used in sociology to describe human interaction, control and identification of deviant behavior. This is however ontologically incorrect, since the association of a name that refers to a role is based on an extrinsically defined characteristic that is only valid in a certain time and context. [wiki]
A man who is sexually attracted to a woman is a straight man. If he is attracted to another man, he is a gay man. If he is attracted to both man and woman, he is a bisexual man.

If a woman is attracted to a straight man, she is a straight. If she is attracted to another woman, she is a lesbian. If her attraction goes to both man and woman, she is a bisexual woman.

If a man changes his sexual organ particularly his penis, he is now called a transsexual man. If a woman does the same, of which I haven’t heard yet, will she be called transsexual woman?

If a man wears women’s clothing, he is called a cross-dresser. Will this be applied to women also? If so, almost all women are cross-dressers. But women cross dressers were not detested as men are.
The problem with labels is they are merely shells that contain assumptions. When we are taken in by a label, we are taken in by opinions and beliefs. That is, we willingly accept statements without evidence of their validity. The assumptions become stereotypes, which soon become put-downs.

People are complex, multifaceted, and multidimensional. When we apply labels to them, we put on blinders and see only a narrow view of an expansive and complicated human being. [source]
Labels were supposed to help us understand other people, and other people understand us. They were not done to create division and impartiality between us.

Understanding people is crucial for us to live harmoniously but it divided us instead. What divided us was our desire for self-importance. We don’t want to be part of those labeled us less important, or less attractive to the society we live in. But then again, who are we to judge people of their importance and attractiveness?

If we really want to label people, then let us label them all.
  • What do we call a straight guy who is attracted to a transsexual?
  • What do we call a straight guy who is attracted to a lesbian?
  • What do we call a straight woman who is attracted to a gay man?
  • If older persons loving younger ones are called cradle snatcher, what do we call younger persons loving older ones?
This labeling madness is endless.

1 comment:

  1. IMO, labeling people in any form, or anyway is bad.

    Each is unique, and each to his/her own and labeling one is violating the sanctity of that uniqueness and the person's privacy. Unlike primates were they naturally reject those that do not belong to their breed or species, we thrive and live on each others uniqueness.

    My 2 cents. Nice post here, btw.


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