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It's Not About Me

I read the inspiring book of Max Lucado, “It’s Not About Me”. The book was about refocusing our attention from ourselves to Him. Here’s a short description of the book:
God is the center of the universe - not us - and our lives reach their highest potential in His eyes when we honor Him. Despite problems, pain and suffering, learn how to reflect His glory in your life and become His mirror to the world, because it's all about Him. It is through this shift in thinking that we can truly live an unburdened, happy life.
I will not be writing about the book but my experience one morning in my room when I was in Jolo, Sulu.

While I was preparing myself to pray, the thoughts of what to pray for started to fill my mind. Then all of a sudden, realizing that the things were all about and for me, I bit of shame came on me. If I would pray for my family, friends and people that I know, it would still be about me. Even if I would pray for world peace, something is still missing.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The thought of praying for his will for me to be done scared a bit of me…, well, not just a bit. It scared me big time.
  • What if the will of the Lord for me that day was to go the market full of Muslim fanatics and tell all of them about Jesus?
  • What if the will of the Lord for me was to stop doing everything that I love and enjoy doing because it is not His will?
  • What if His will for me that time was to go and fast for forty days?
These were just few of the things I was concerned about that morning if I wanted God’s will for me be done that day.

I have told other people about Jesus but not as many as I could. I felt that there were so many opportunities at hand but I didn’t. There was even one time my ex-girlfriend in high school called me one day after more than 10 years; she asked me why I haven’t told her about Jesus before. She should have known the Lord earlier than she did.

I have stopped doing some of the things that I enjoyed when I thought they’re not God’s will for me. But, I wasn’t consistent.

I haven’t fasted for 40 days but I had my share of fasting in the past. I have become too wise to do it lately.

For a moment, my life lately was flashed back before me. What I am living for and what Jesus is to me. Where I am heading and who leads me.

I knew that my life has been a whirlwind for the longest time, but I have never realized how far I have gone away from Him, until that one morning.

I need to find my way back.


  1. but then whatever the GOD's will...we should follow it....GOd have reasons and plans for us....
    its just like tht JOHN 3:16 verse of the bible

  2. nice one elyong. i can relate to you coz there are times that i also came to kind of thinking.trying to assess my life in Jesus. I know i have to be consistent, i have to be more bold...and i need more His words to make my faith stronger but i am too lazy to read His words.

  3. @blue, thank you very much. God bless you.

    @Eli, there are really times when we get at this point... we just pray that we won't stay this way longer.

  4. Anonymous05 July, 2010

    elyong thank you very much for your nice blogs. aksidente lang ang pagkakita ko s blog mo. I am a Christian pero parang napapagod n ako. Di ko maintindihan ang sarili ko, di ko alam ang gusto ko, ewan ko di ko maunawaan ang sarili ko. im trying to read all your blogs about Christian life... God bless..


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