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The Missing Pages in the Bible

I went with an officemate to an office supplies shop to buy training materials when I noticed that they are also selling Bibles.

I do not have a Bible of my own, not anymore. The last Bible I had was given to a close friend. He liked it and it does not suit me anymore because of the size of the text. Yes, I have to admit, I cannot see clearly without the help of a reading eye glasses.

Also, I admit that not only this blog went on hibernation but my spiritual journey as well.

I scanned the Bibles for sale at the shop and found one that I liked. It costs a little over a thousand. Almost the same price with the last Bible I had.

I bought the Bible.

When I arrived back at the office I scanned the Bible and went through my favorite verses. It really felt good reading them again.

Then I noticed something, a blank page. At first I ignored it thinking that it might be a divider page because the Bible also has other added sections.

I continued scanning through my favorite verses and found that blank page again.

It’s not a divider. It really is a blank page – 2 adjacent pages. Almost three chapters missing – Acts 20-22.

My office mate was a bit amazed at how I found the blank page. I just told her that it’s God’s will. He doesn’t want me to have a Bible with missing pages.

I went back to the shop to have it replaced. The sales clerks were also amused at how I found the blank pages in such a very short time – in less than an hour I was back at their shop for replacement.

While I was inside the taxi going back to the office reflecting what just happened, I realized how expensive it is to buy something defective. The store would only have the goods replaced but will not reimburse the incidental expenses like taxi fare and the time spent going back to the store.

For some reasons, I have accepted why it should be me to encounter the problem. I work near the area. What if the person who bought the Bible lived far – or even worse, not living in the City?

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