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Revisiting My Wish List In 2009

The last time I posted my wish list was in 2009. I wasn’t able to revisit it last year because I went on hibernation. I haven’t updated this blog for about 15 months already. Also, I haven’t remembered I made a wish list. Now that I am back, hopefully for a longer time, I would like to start off revisiting the wish list I made in 2009.

I would like to name them in the same order it was listed back then.
  • Digital Camera – I still don’t have one. Before, I just wanted a simple point and shot digital camera, now I want a digital SLR. I could have bought one had I wanted it badly but there were basic priorities that came along.
  • Cellular Phone – Well, I bought four cellular phones in that last two years. They were not the expensive types though. Now I only have one with dual SIM. I got tired of bringing two phones all the time.
  • New Laptop Backpack – I was able to buy two in the last two years. The first one I bought went to my friend after a year of using it. The last one still looks good and I am not planning of buying a new one. I like the fit and the style.
  • MP3 Player – I bought a SAMSUNG MP3 player when I was in Zamboanga City. I got bored in the hotel one weekend so I got out and went to a store nearby. It was unplanned but I have no regrets, I am still using it now.
  • New Mobile Hard Drive – I haven’t bought this one. Now I realized why would I want it? Why did I want it? After I cleaned all my files, now I have my 40G mobile hard drive empty. Aside from my old 40G mobile hard drive, I have two USB memory stick – 2G and 16G.
  • New pair of Levis Jeans – I bought 5 jeans in 2009 but no Levis, but in 2010 I was able to buy 3 Levis jeans from the US. What I had in mind back then when I listed my wishes in 2009 was Levis jeans sold locally. So, I guess I still have to buy one locally.
  • New Cologne – yes, but not the one in the picture seen in my wish list post and didn't get lucky - lol!
I got five of the seven things I wanted in 2009. Not bad. Now regarding the things that I wanted to do, I guess I didn’t do well.
  • Start my own business – NOPE
  • Get acquainted with my relatives – I guess I had a good start. When one of my uncles died this year, I was able to meet cousins I haven’t seen for a long time and seen many for the first time. I also meet many in Facebook. I hope to meet them in person sometime.
  • De-clutter – Books, CDs, DVDs, Books, Closet and everything else - I did, but I have to do it again this time. This is a never ending task.
  • Go back to the gym – Yikes!
  • Manage my finances wisely – I guess I squandered more in the last two years compared with the years before 2009. Whew!
Now, I am thinking of making another list for 2011.

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  1. Wishing you the blessings of the New Year, the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends. Happy New Year to you.

    By: wizzdumb


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