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Life is difficult without it. My day isn’t complete without it. Am I addicted to it?

I can’t remember when I started to like coffee. As kids, our mother usually served us with “coffee” in the morning but it was not made from coffee beans. It was from burnt rice grains or cooked rice leftovers. Taste like coffee but not coffee.

But, I never actually like coffee or anything hot especially in the morning. I would usually puke every time I drink hot liquid in the morning.

Now, it becomes indispensable. It is something I am worried about when I am not at home. Where will I get my coffee is a question I have to answer, an issue I have to resolve before the day ends. Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep well.

I like my coffee instant. I don’t crave for other coffee recipes, with names I find difficult to read, more so, understand.

I can’t drink coffee sans creamer. It’s better to have no sugar in my coffee than creamer.

I don’t like 3in1, 4in1, 5in1, 6in1, 7in1 and 8in1 instant coffees. How many more ingredients can they add to the coffee? I just want coffee.

First mug of coffee is a relief; the second one is a pleasure. I wouldn’t crave for a third; I would be more scared than satisfied.

I know when to stop, at least for a coffee.


  1. i also like coffee but i also try to drink milk once in a while.

  2. Coffee? No thanks.
    Elyong, i'm really glad seing ur post again.great!

  3. my mothers coffee is the best for me!
    idol ko sya sa pagtitimpla.

  4. waahhh were on the same boat elyong,, im addicted to it as well.... as in 4,5 or 6 times ako nag cocoffeee a day...
    ewan ko ba bakit...kahit sobra mainit kape pa din ako hehe...
    no wonder na nerbiysin akong tao at insomniac pati hehe

  5. i love coffee too. i used to be a heavy drinker hehehe. i'm avoiding it now because they say it could trigger hypertension. but sometimes i couldn't help. so help me God. :)

  6. ahahaha! i was a coffee addict then but i switched to tea cravings,hheheheheeh!

  7. Coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening. This is my coffee life. I don't go on brewed coffee nor any commercial coffee which has no benefit except for pleasure..I go for herbal coffee - the best in the world..Guess what's my coffee brand..

  8. mahilig ako sa kape, mas gusto ko to kesa sa gatas at milo, dalawang tasa sa umaga, 8 am at 10 am, dalawa ulit sa hapon, 2:30 pm at 4:30 pm… may oras talaga yan… paborito ko ang kape, hindi ko alam kasi may kakaibang dulot sa akin ito, ang init na nagmumula sa tubig ay tila isang gayuma na nagpapalakas ang kumukupleto sa simula ng araw ko… swerte ko na lang at hindi na uubusan ng 3 in 1 dito sa office, amoy pa lang mapang halina na…

    Elyong Im here again sa bahay mo...


  9. I used to love coffee pero dahil sa heartburn I've no choice but to stop lovin' it.

    pero lahat naman ng bawal masarap di ba parekoy?

  10. @ming, which would you prefer if you're going to choose only one? :)

    @Eli, how about milk?

    @gege, curious naman ako diyan sa coffee ng mama mo.

    @blue, welcome to the coffee world!

    @meretrisha, i am also a bit concern about that..

    @sunny, i don't like the after taste of tea, pero kung walang coffee puede na ang tea.

    @ruel, i know your coffee brand... dxn

    @livingstain, suwerte mo may coffee sa office.. eheh... thanks for visiting my house..

    @flamindevil, ano na ngayong ang iniinom mo?

  11. haha! the best po talaga si mama sa pagtimpla ng kape... kapag may overnyt reunion buong family... paggising ng lahat, looking forward na sila sa timpla ni mama. parang perfect blend ng 3 in 1. haha! overrated siguro, pero! she's my mom... can't help it! salamat sa pagpapaalala para sa date ko bukas! its HIS day. :P

  12. i don't drink coffee because i end up hallucinating, caffeine is a psycho-active substance after all.

  13. how did you know that? are you some kind of a psychic?hehe

    you are definitely correct. I can share you my dxn coffee if you have time to listen to me..

  14. cofee no man. I take coffee twice in a day.

  15. i wish i could drink coffe again, i was addicted (same as my mom and sis) but theres a time that i have to give up alcohol,smoking and the saddest part was the coffee(according to my stupid doctor lol kidding).
    my mom cannot drink coffee without creamer but very little sugar, my sister hates instant coffe, she only drink brewed and must be black.
    ako kahit ano, instant, barako, binusang bigas name it ganun ako ka adik hahaha.


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