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What Women Have That Men Can’t Use

There was a time when men do not have anything at all. When the divide that separates men from women when it comes to beauty and personal care, was as wide as the space that separates Venus from Mars.

There was a time when women uses bath soap and men used what was left of the laundry soap.

Now, men are catching up with women. What women have, men have counterparts. If men don’t have them, they used what women have.

I made a run down of beauty and personal care products that women have and men can’t use. I was ecstatic to have found two.
False Eyelashes
Yes, men use them too, but only for theatrical purposes.

Where would men put them anyway? Men uses sanitary pads (napkins or liners) to prevent stains when suffering from Hemorrhoids or when taking fat burning pills, but not tampons. Tampons for nosebleed not counted.
I can’t think of any other things. Can you?


  1. Marami...
    facial cleanser, lotion to name a few. Men are getting vain.

  2. @Ming Meows... i was asking about things that men can't use.. hahaha...

  3. hahaha... naunsa man ko ui. not following instructions...ug test pa ni hagbong nako.

  4. @Ming Meows, dili lang kay hagbong... lagapak jud ug pabalikon sa grade 1.


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