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The Other Side Of Love

His name is J. He said that going into relationship with someone is not in his priority list. Although there are zealous suitors who regularly visit him in his workplace, he told me that he drove them away most of the time.

Suitors would take away my focus on my work, J said. I am afraid I might get fired because of them.

J was in a relationship two years ago. He got involved with one of his co-workers. Everybody in the hotel knew about their relationship. They would sometimes display publicly their affection for each other, but only when there are no guests around.

One day his sister came into the picture and took his boyfriend away from him. He was devastated. He let go of his boyfriend in favor of his beloved sister. If the girl wasn’t his sister, he would fight for his love all the way.

Love has his own ways of entering into one’s life. According to a friend:
At the entrance of my heart, I put a sign that says "No Trespassing." Love came by and laughed and said “Sorry, I pass anywhere.”
Be careful, LOVE might pass by you no matter where it came from.


  1. love is mysterious. minsan dimo namamalayan na-hook kana pala! minsan kahit mali, pipilitin itong itama, kahit walang dahilan, pipiliting bigyan ng dahilan. maging ito man ay bawal.

    lastly, i just want share this quote: the greatest irony of love, holding on when you need to let go and letting go when you need to hold on.

    PS alam mo bang kaya ako nakarating sa blog mo dahil nag-try akong magsearch ng "elyong"?

  2. @Busyok, tama ka dyan... kadalasan huli na kung malaman natin.

    Oo nga ano... search din ako ng elyong.. sumunod naman ang elyong at busyok mo.. hehehe.. buti na lang hindi mo ginawang kalabaw si elyong.. hahahaha... joke!

  3. i bolted the door so that he would not enter.

    but i was stupid. the windows were open.

  4. I think one never chooses to fall in love, once it hit you, all you have to do is fall. But will she be there to catch you when you do?

    hehehe wala lang. naisip ko lang.

  5. Hindi ako makarelate. Pero if i would have a lover, i'll make sure he wouldn't fall for a ..woman. It should be another man. hehehehe

  6. "LOVE might pass by you no matter where it came from"

    I like that. Love moves in mysterious ways. hehe

  7. you always makes me smile everytime i read your post/comment...

    my comments on your entries might be inappropriate/indecent but it doesnt mean that its all about me... some were just a tip of an iceberg, hehe...

    i need more practice to make more entries on my site. salamta sir yong!

  8. ang pag-ibig parang kabute...sumusulpot kung saan saan...

    " i locked the fornt door of my heart so that no one could dare to enter, little did i know, i left the back door open.."

    version ko naman yan..


  9. @Geek, I guess LOVE is just too wise for us hahaha...

    @Sherwin, she will be there... the problem is that both of you are falling... who's going to catch?

    @Jason, yup mysterious and unpredictable.. hehe thanks for dropping by..

    @MrCens, i think i can handle the likes of you... hahahahaha!!! kidding...

    @Vanvan, nice one! but every time we thought of closing doors and windows, love is already inside.. hahaha... we are always too late..

  10. Yes, love is very mysterious...many do not think of it this way. Great read.


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