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An Awkward Interview

One of the more tiring jobs I had was being a Field Interviewer. The uncertainty of finding the respondents in an unfamiliar place would get on my nerves. But, working as a Field Interviewer was not all nerve wracking and tiring. It had fun and humor too.

In one of my contracts as a Field Interviewer, I got to asked questions I would never ask to anybody. Not even to my closest friend.

Some of the questions asked to both male and female respondents went like these:
When was the first time you had wet dreams?

Have you mast**bated?

When was the first time you mast**bated?

How often do you mast**bate?

Have you had se*ual Inter*ourse?

When was the first time you had se*ual Inter*ourse?

Was it with a male or female?

Where did you do it the first time?
There were other simpler questions about bf, gf, m2m, g2g relationships, kissing, petting, learning s*x, s*xforpay and just for fun.

It was more difficult to ask these questions to female than male respondents. What made the job harder is that we did it in the province.

We had strict policies prohibiting us to share respondents’ responses to other field interviewers. But when we got together in the lodging house we stayed, especially meal time, we could not help but spill the beans. After all, none of us knew our respondents personally.


  1. oy elyong ano ba ang work mo bakit my interview interview pa sa province ng mga gnun>?hehe

  2. sir, you asked these questions while you are with your repondent naked in one bed right? right after ohh.. yeahhh...while watching the ceiling fan full of dust, hehehe....

    awkward indeed!

  3. what a job. is that for SWS survey, for a company, or for a thesis?

  4. at mukhang interesting ang work mo ah. hehe

    na-try ko rin ang ganyan noong nasa feed company ako. pero ang tanong ay puro tungkol sa alagang baboy ng respondents. :-)

  5. @Mac Callister, dating work yon... talagang nakakahiya sa simula... parang walang boses na lalabas sa aking bibig..pero kumapal din ang mukha ko.. pati na rin siguro yong mga na interview ko.. makakapal din.. pero isa lang ang na confirm ko.. MAYAYABANG TALAGA ANG MGA LALAKI! Hahahaha... base on their answers.. hehehe

    @Ming Meows, hindi.. it was a project funded by Ford Foundation...

    @Eli, hahaha at least may question din duon kung paano sila magpaparami.. hehehe..

  6. @Julius, i did the interview out there in the bushes... hahahaha! bawal kasi pakinggan ng kahit sino.. kahit parents di puwede makinig.. hehehe kaya kailangan sa isang liblib na lugar hahaha... imagine that..


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