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Looking Back At Year 1

I haven’t noticed that this blog turned one year 3 days ago. I have been looking forward for this blog to turn one year and I forgot it. How this blog started among other things are worth looking back.

The Beginning
I started this blog on January 7, 2008. The reason being - nothing significant. I hoped to write the things I couldn’t say. One of the challenges I foresaw that I was going to face was to keep this blog active for at least one year, because prior to this blog, there were already blogging attempts that were unsuccessful. They were only good for 2 to 3 posts before they ended in the trash.

The Content
Aside from writing the things I couldn’t say which didn’t happen, I didn’t know what to blog specifically. So I just wrote about things that affects my life. Things that I went through, things that I thought would make my life better, and things that would make living easier. In all of those things, the central theme revolved around my faith in God and my journey with Him.

The Experience
Adding to the challenge of not knowing what to write, is that I also don’t know how to write. I could not capture my wandering thoughts and write them down at least properly to be understood that way they should be. I read it somewhere in my books that to learn something is to do it. So, if I want to learn how to write, then I have to write.

The feeling that there are people including online robots reading my posts (I wish I could call them articles) is great, whether they liked it or not. What is important is that I got their attention (intentionally or not) even for a second.

Work and procrastination kept me away from updating this blog. The first reason was understandable but the second one is discouraging.

The Design
Several revisions had been made in the layout and graphics. Every time I make changes, I have to go back to each posts to maintain consistency. My purpose was not really artistically but neatness and simplicity.

The Numbers
Total number of posts: 89
Total number of visitors: 20,479
Total number of feed subscribers: 81

Thank you very much to all of you.


  1. hi elyong. congratulations for you did a great blog! i enjoy reading this blog and i learn a lot from it. thank you for making and maintaining this blog and i pray that many more people will discover this blog and that they may learn a lot from it. Godbless

  2. how would I know the people who subscribed to my feed if ever there is hehe?and their number too? i dont know much because I just started blogging august and i still have a lot to learn

  3. @eli, Thank you very much.

    @Mac Callister, I use feedburner for my feed subscription. Visit http://www.feedburner.com for more info.


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